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US Basque club language teachers held a “very fruitful” workshop in Boise


One of the sessions during the Basque teachers' workshop held in Boise (photo NABO)
One of the sessions during the Basque teachers' workshop held in Boise (photo NABO)


Thanks to the federation of US Basque clubs (NABO) and the Basque Government’s Euskara Munduan program a workshop for Basque teachers was held in Boise, Idaho on September 15 and 16. Participating teachers came from Homedale, ID, Boston, MA, San Francisco, CA, Boise, ID and Bakersfield, CA along with NABO’s Euskara coordinator, Izaskun Kortazar. Two other professors, Anita Anacabe (Elko, NV) and Jorge Ochoa Garay (Rhode Island) weren’t able to attend due to their participating in the Gaztemundu program in the Basque Country.

Boise, ID.  A group of Basque teachers from US clubs got together on September 15 and 16 for an intensive workshop.  Those attending were William Thompson Uberuaga (Boise), Gloria Lejardi (Homedale, ID), Ander Caballero (Boston, MA), Aitor Inarra (San Francisco) and Unai Nafarrate (Bakersfield, CA) along with Izaskun Kortazar that participated both as NABO’s Euskera coordinator, as well as a teacher a from Boise. 

The night before the teachers from outside of Idaho who were participating for the first time – Ander Caballero, Unai Nafarrate and Aitor Inarra – took advantage of their trip to get to know the city as well as visit Boise’s Basque club.  “They were very impressed by the Basque Block with its Basque street with its stores, the fronton and especially with the Basque Museum,” Izaskun explained to

Boise Irakasle Lantegia 2012

[From left to right, Basque teachers Unai Nafarrete, Aitor Inarra and Ander Caballero in front of Boise’s Euskal Etxea (photo NABO)]

New Standards

The workshop began at 9:30 on Saturday morning for a day that lasted until 17:30 that afternoon.  During this session participants learned about the new work standards set forth by NABO. “At the beginning of every semester, each teacher has to send NABO a list with the names of their students and their syllabus; and at the end of the semester, they need to send a class evaluation with the students’ grades.  In addition all teachers will teach the same grammar, vocabulary, and functions, all following the same curriculum, but they can use different supplemental materials if they wish,” Kortazar explained.

The workshop also included detailed instruction on how to use the BOGA on-line learning program, and new materials from the Euskara Munduan program were also handed out.  “The teachers prepared an entire class, for partners, based on the material and we explained techniques on how to use this comfortably,” Izaskun said.  Each teacher also received a USB with Euskara Munduan materials, along with all of the classes prepared by Kortazar from 2007-2012, song lyrics and verb charts for their students.

Summer Barnetegi in California

At the end of the first day, participants headed to the Euzkaldunak Basque club where they ate supper with club members and enjoyed a very dynamic evening with singing and great atmosphere.

During the second day of the workshop, teachers held a meeting where they reflected and shared their thoughts on the situation of the Basque language and teaching it in US Basque clubs, where they raised questions and problems.  They also began preparations for upcoming activities as well as for a summer barnetegi that may take place in Santa Barbara, CA, as well as a second that may take place in the Basque Country.  

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