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Great atmosphere at the Santa Agueda celebrations in Gooding and Boise, Idaho (photos)


Itxaso Cayero and Izaskun Kortazar at Gooding Basque Club's Santa Agueda celebration (photo NABO)
Itxaso Cayero and Izaskun Kortazar at Gooding Basque Club's Santa Agueda celebration (photo NABO)


The Basque community in the US is making an effort to recuperate and/or maintain the tradition of singing verses to Santa Agueda, and this year, Basques came out to sing in several places in the US. Just like we previously reported, that is what they did in Gooding and in Boise. Now, Izaskun Kortazar NABO’s Euskera Coordinator, who attended both events, sent us pictures to share with our readers.

Gooding, ID.  On February 3rd a large group of members and friends gathered at Gooding’s Euskal Etxea to celebrate their monthly dinner as well as to celebrate Santa Agueda.  Joining local members in the celebration were Asun Bedialauneta, former Basque teacher, Steve Mendive, Basque student from Boise, Itxaso Cayero, teacher at Boise’s Ikastola and Izaskun Kortazar, Euskera Coordinator for NABO.

The story of Santa Agueda and the tradition of singing verses to her through the streets of the Basque Country were explained over dinner.  Afterwards, the invitees made their way to the microphones, and the club members were encouraged to sing some of the traditional songs, while keeping time with makilas or sticks on the floor. 

Hymns at the Lekuona in Boise

In addition, on February 6th, three groups of Basque students got together at the Lekuona where they sang verses that they had learned and had been practicing in class.

“Jose Mari, from the Lekuona, gave us chorizo, cheese and ham pintxos.  Thanks to the Artiach family,” Izaskun Kortazar explained to  “The customers that were there were interested in the origin of the songs and what they meant, and they even asked us to sing some more.”

Boise Santa Ageda 2012 1

[Itxaso Cayero, on the left, during the recital at the Lekuona in Boise (photo NABO)]

Boise Santa Ageda 2012 2

[Boise Basque students put into use what they learned in class (photo NABO)]


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