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Cecilia Erasun Andiarena (Echeveste)

Cecilia Erasun Andiarena (Echeveste)
Cecilia (Erasun Andiarena) Echeveste (1933 - 2023)

09/08/2023 - Firebaugh, California, USA

Cecilia Erasun Andiarena, in the USA Cecilia Echeveste, died on September 8, 2023 at the age of 90 in Firebaugh, California, where she lived most of her life.

She was born June 12, 1933, in Legasa, Navarre house Bordatxuri, she was the youngest of seven siblings. She married Ramon Echeveste Zozaya, from Doneztebe, Navarre house Petitea, on July 21, 1966, after he returned to Euskal Herria after more than ten years in California, where he emigrated to work as a sheepherder. Cecilia at that time worked at the Chita Hotel in Hendaia and there they met again, to emigrate the following month after their wedding to Firebaugh. In 1967 their daughter Beatriz was born and in 1970 their son Roman.

Cecilia was a great support and companion for Ramon. "Ama's life was spent along side of Aita,  the sheep company, the restaurant, they worked very well together, each one doing what they were most skilled at. She was also a seamstress, she used to mend clothes, sew dresses, etc.," remembers her daughter Bea, who lives in Doneztebe.

Cecilia was a very family person. Every year when she came to Doneztebe, the pleasure of both, her and Ramon, was to gather the family together.  She cared so much for her sisters and brother, helping them anyway possible, and what can be said about her children, she adored her grandchildren, and her 2 great-grandchildren meant the world to her, they were her driving force in life.

She had five grandchildren, Roman´s 4 and Bea´s one son. For them Amatxi meant everything, and the love was reciprocal. She would go out and played hide and seek at night with the grandkids and their friends after being asked 'Amatxi play with us, please'. For everyone in Firebaugh, the family friends, she was best known by “Amatxi”. When she came to Doneztebe she used to play pilota, handball with her grandson Ander.

The other true passion of Cecilia was pilota, the Basque handball game. For years she followed the games on EITB live, every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, she didn´t miss a single one, and if there was a doubt she would call Ander to make sure of time and date.  She was fan of Aimar Olaizola, even more when married Olaia, who is the granddaughter of one of her sisters. These days she followed Atluna III, who she would say “he is bizi” (meaning devilish) she loved how he made his opponents go crazy on court.

She will be greatly missed.

Her son Roman (Bianca), her daughter Bea (Mikel), her grandchildren Cassandra (Christian) Raymond, Ander (Irati), Sabrina (Shakirjan) and Nicholas, her great-grandchildren: Liam and Blake, call on family and friends to the funerals in her memory, which will take place on October 18th, St. Joseph Catholic Church, Firebaugh California, 10:30 the Rosary, Mass to follow

GB - Goian Bego - May she Rest in Peace


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    We unite our sadness in thoughts and prayers to the Echeveste Family. We loved Cecilia and she will always remain a vivid example of what a true Christian is. She loved God and His church and was never afraid to say it.. and show it. She was a model of what we all should be. May she rest in peace????????

    Ana Maria (Firebaugh), 10/17/2023 06:25

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