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Gorka Alvarez Aranburu congratulates those around the world who have joined this 4th successful edition of the Basque Diaspora Day


A few days after September 8th, Euskal Diasporaren Eguna or International Day of the Basque Diaspora, Gorka Alvarez Aranburu, director for the Basque Community Abroad of the Basque Government, shares a big Zorionak (congrats) and congratulates to all the people, euskal etxeas, Basque groups and communities around the world who have joined the greatly successful celebrations of the fouth edition of te event (until the 34" in Basque, then in Spanish). Gora Diaspora!

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Ekilore restaurant of Euskal Etxea in Mexico City: the delights of an authentic traditional Basque restaurant


The images in this Gourmand video do not need any further comment: they are highly expressive and evocative, they activate gastric juices without warning and make the taste buds salivate. Check out the gastronomic hospitality of the Basque Center in Mexico City and its Ekilore restaurant run by chef Pablo San Román from Donostia-San Sebastian.

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Use the hashtag #EuskoChallenge and show the world how you live the Basque Diaspora Day


The Basque Diaspora Day will be celebrated on September 8, for the fourth year in a row. It is a day to celebrate and proclaim. To celebrate the pride of Euskal Herria towards its Diaspora, as well as the belonging and deep ties of the Basques of the Diaspora with their culture and country of origin. A day of mutual pride and demand for a greater presence and knowledge of the Diaspora by Basque society.

The Basque Government invites you to celebrate the day and to use the hashtag #EuskoChallenge, proudly showing the world how you will celebrate it.


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French TV channel TF1 visits St Pierre and Miquelon and discovers its rich Basque heritage to the French public


Every year in August, the French islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon celebrate their Basque Festival. Remember that, despite being geographically located near Canada and Newfoundland, these islands are part of France and have a rich Basque history, thanks to Basques that went there to hunt whales and fish cod. This year, the local Basque Festival was August 9-15. And the cameras of the main French channel TF1 visited them, discovering the archipelago and its Basque heritage to the French public.

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David Romtvedt and Xabier Irujo present a Basque-English edition of Iparragirre's verses and songs


THE TREE OF GERNIKA - GERNIKAKO ARBOLA. Complete Poems. Bertsoak. 200 years ago today (August 12, 1820), Jose Mari Iparragirre was born in Urretxu, Gipuzkoa, A musician who lived in the Diaspora he is the author among other popular pieces of Gernikako Arbola, the Basque anthem par excellence. Coinciding with the anniversary, David Romtvedt and Xabier Irujo present a Basque-English edition of his verses, published by the University of Nevada-Reno Center for Basque Studies Press (the book will be on sale in a few days), thus premiering its new Bidart Family collection. In the video, David Romtvedt reading and singing Iparragirre's texts in Basque and English.

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See this short movie on Donostia-San Sebastian and feel with its protagonist the singularity of Tamborrada


Last Wednesday, "La Marcha de (San) Sebastián - (San) Sebastian Martxa" by Manuel Aguilar was premiered in Donostia. It's a project selected within Meta! Culture of Gipuzkoako Foru Aldundia, the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, financed by crowdfunding. Sebastian and Claire are a couple of tourists who are spending a few days in Donostia, enjoying the city. In one of their walks through the Old Town, when they touch the statue of Sarriegi, they enter into a musical world becoming the true protagonists of the Donostia-San Sebastian Main Festival: Tamborrada. Script and Direction: Manuel Aguilar; Direction of Photography: Ivan V Jimenez; Assembly: Asier Burgaleta; Art Direction: Natalie Hickey; Heads of Production: Maria Villoch, Haizea Urkiola, Itsaso Bon; Performers: Fernando Ruiz, Teresa Alzuru.

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Basque Aitor Arrieta and the virtuous dancers of the English National Ballet


A group of dancers of the English National Ballet at the Colosseum in London. The Errenteria born dancer Aitor Arrieta and his colleagues Daniel McCormick, Ken Saruhashi, Joseph Caley and Aaron Robison show us in the video pirouette, entrechat, scissors, jumps and spectacular turns. These are images taken after class while the dancers were rehearsing. Images: Aaron Robison. Arrieta and the virtuous dancers of the English National Ballet, 01-19-2018. Published in

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Interview with painter Miguel Etxebarria at his exhibition in San Nicolas, Argentina for the Semana Vasca 2017


Video with an interview with painter Miguel Etxebarria at his exhibition in San Nicolas, Argentina for the Semana Nacional Vasca 2017, November 6-12. Etxebarria lives in Les Landes, France close to the city of Baiona-Bayonne in th Basque Country and is a painter of Basque traditional life, sports, dances and other scenes, some of them based on previous Basque-Argentine experiences. Interview in Spanish by the local paper El Día.

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Tradition Meets Molecular Gastronomy: MUNCHIES Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 1)


Munchies Guide to the Basque Country (Episode 1). In the first episode of the +Munchies Guide to the Basque, host Irene Peralta starts in the coastal city of Donostia-San Sebastian with a traditional feast at Basque institution, the gastronomic socities or Txokos. Then meets three Michelin stars food wizard Eneko Atxa of Azurmendi., in Larrabetzu, near Bilbao, in Bizkaia. Munchies in Facebook:

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Images of the Elko National Basque Festival 2017: parade, dance, picnic, sports... Aupa Elkotarrak!


Video with the highlights of the 54th Elko National Basque Festival, starring dancers, sport people, singers, musicians... The video images are taken at the Elko Basque Club facilities. Thanks to Mercedes Mendive for the images and the music, as she is the accordion player for Elko Ariñak Dancers. And, eskerrik asko, elkotarrak!

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