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What the benefits of the Athletic Bilbao-Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles soccer game will be dedicated to


These lines have been written a few hours before Boise's Basque Soccer Friendly, between Athletic Bilbao and Tijuana Xoloitzcuintles. This is a unique game and a historical opportunity, because really there are little opportunities to see in Boise an European team, a good one like Athletic, Basque that works with its youth reserve. And this, helping at the same time Basque cultural projects in Boise at BSU. This video talks about those projects that the game will help.

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"Basque Block, Boise Idaho," a video about Boise's Basque heart, remembering Tony Arrubarrena


Conductor Dennis Cruz and his "The Attitude Adjustment Hour" program arrive in their journey to Boise, Idaho and visit the city's Basque Block, an area in the heart of Boise where you can reach, among other Basque places, the Basque Center, the Basque Museum, the Gernika Bar, Hotel Leku Ona or the Basque Market. Tony Arrubarrena, one of the Basques who appear in the program, has just died this past May 30 in Boise at the age of 83 years, so bringing this video here is a way to remember him. Gogoan zaitugu, Tony.

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TV commercial of the Basque Soccer Friendly this summer in Boise: Bilbao Athletic Club versus Tijuana Xolos


This is the TV commercial that announces this summer's big sport event in Boise, Idaho: The Basque Soccer Friendly.  Two teams... from opposite ends of the world... collide July 18th... The Boise blue turns green... Mexico's Tijuana Xolos soccer team... and Basque Bilbao Athletic Club playing the Basque Soccer Friendly, July 18th, 7pm at Boise's Albertsons Stadium... Witness history... Tickets on sale at Proceeds benefit the Basque Studies Foundation and the Idaho Youth Soccer Association. 

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Video of the expert American traveler Rick Steves with an introduction to the Basque Country


Rick Steves is an expert American traveler who has turned his hobby into a profession and presents television travel programs, in particular on Europe. In this video (2 '54' ') entitled "Basque Country: A Proud, Unique Culture", he makes a short presentation of the Basque land. He has a website, with information about the trips he organizes, with tips an general information to travel, also in relation to the Basque Country, both Iparralde and Hegoalde.

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Ilargia, a well known song of the Basque group Ken Zazpi sung by a class of Welsh students


The video shows a group of schoolchildren of the Welsh village of Llanfairpwll singing which is probably the best known song of the popular Basque band Ken Zazpi (see the original version). Iñaki Pierola a Basque who did an internship as a teacher in that town in 2011 directed it. His students were interested about the Basques and their language and  culture, so he decided to teach them the song. They did not know Basque, but this was no obstacle to prepare everything in two weeks. Theyu are children of 9-11 years old, accompanied on the guitar by Iñaki himself, on piano by another teacher and with another student as drummer. Zorionak, congratulations to all of them!

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36 Hours in Bilbao: beyond Bilbao’s Guggenheim museum, there’s much to explore


The Travel section of the New York Times published on May 20th, 2015 a beautiful video introducting the biggest of the cities in the Basque Country and its attractives and presenting also a suggestion for spending 36 hours visiting and knowing the different aspects that offers to worlwide visitors. Read the articule that acompanies the video... and prepair your (next) trip to Bilbao. On egin (bon appetit!)

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Washington DC chef Josu Zubikarai shows how to prepair a typical Basque dish: Bacalao al pil pil


We met Josu Zubikarai more than twenty years ago, in Washinton DC, when he was commanding the kitchen of La Taberna del Alabardero, a restaurant part of the restaurant group founded by Luis Lezama. Life has taken many turns since and now we find Josu as main chef of another Spanish branded restaurant, Ser, in Arlington, as a partner. The place is colecting good reviews and this May 2015, Washington DC Eater highlighted it as one of the five hottest restaurants in DC. The video shows Josu Zubikarai explaining an emblematic Basque recipe: bacalao al pil pil.

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Interesting conference on the Beti Jai fronton (1893) in Madrid, its history and current situation


This conference took place on April 23, just days before the expropriation of Beti Jai and its acquisition by the City of Madrid, at the headquarters of the Official Association of Archaeologists, but it has been put on the network on May 7. It's 2 hours and 35 minutes long. We found the video here. Timing: presentation (00:00), images (00:10:30) current situation (1:00:58), Save the Beti Jai platform (1:13:00), value of the property (1:16:55 ), proposals (1:18:10), Basque pelota (1:26:08), questions and discussion (2:07:00).

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Welcome to Euskadi: Idaho TV visits the Basque Country preparing the ground for soccer game


Idaho Channel 7 KTVB is in the Basque Country visiting places and reporting about the Basque cultural, culinary, tourism and sports reality, as an advance to the game that Athletic Bilbao soccer team will play in Boise against Tijuana Xolos next July 29. There is a big expectation surrounding the so call Basque Game, that is a part of the Jaialdi 2015 Boise Basque festival celebrations. Tickets on sale. This video is the first of a series introducing the Basque Country to the American general audience. Boisean Xanti Alcelay is part of the KTVB crew working these days in the Basque Country. More videos here.

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InCycle UCI World Tour: an overview on the panorama of Basque cycling


Video by InCycle presenting an overview and summarizing the panorama of cycling in the Basque Country. It explains the reality of this sport that raises so many adhesions among the Basques, talking about the needs in this field that gave in this small European corner a hign number of names and contributions to global cycling.  Supporters and professionals express their testimony ont the steps to take in order to keep Basque cycling in the relevant place it has had in recent years in the international scene.

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