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US Basque professors attend a barnetegi in Boise, Idaho


Participants in Boise's barnetegi at the Boise State University campus (photo HABE)
Participants in Boise's barnetegi at the Boise State University campus (photo HABE)


A new barnetegi, intensive Basque course, began on June 9 for the Basque teachers in North American clubs. Teachers have come from Colorado, Chicago, San Francisco, Reno and other places to perfect their Basque in order to be able to teach at their respective Basque clubs/centers. These teachers receive specific training, via the internet, as part of HABE’s year-round Euskara Munduan Program. At the barnetegi they will practice what they have learned during the year. Izaskun Kortazar also notified that they are still one student short to carry out the barnetegi scheduled in Arantzazu (Gipuzkoa) from July 2-14. This would be for basic Basque.

Boise, Idaho.  A group of Basque teachers from North American Basque clubs will be attending a barnetegi from June 9-June 18 in Boise, ID.  The intensive course was co-organized by HABE and NABO (North American Basque Organizations).  Both entities began to form a group of local teachers in September of 2010 in hopes of maintaining a stable teaching force in the Basque clubs.  The first group of teachers numbered fourteen, with that number increasing to 16 during the 2011-12 academic year.

HABE is in charge of training these teachers via the internet, since they work in different parts of the US.   The Ikasten curriculum has been used for this purpose that has students work on a different theme every week, spending an average of three hours on each lesson.  The barnetegi now provides them the opportunity to practice and perfect what they have learned.

boise barnetegia 2012

[Students at the barnetegi in Boise during one of the classes (photo HABE)]

One student short for the barnetegi in the Basque Country

According to Izaskun Kortazar, they are still one student short in order to carry out a barnetegi in Arantzazu Gipuzkoa from July 2-14.  The level of this intensive course would be for beginners, basic Basque, but those who have studied in an euskal etxea, anywhere in the world, for one or two years would also be eligible to participate. 

The cost of this program including room and board is 656 Euros.  The deadline to apply is Monday June 18.  To apply or for more information, write to Izaskun Kortazar:


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