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North American Basque clubs organize Barnetegis in the Basque Country and in New York during the month of July


US Basque teachers at a workshop in February (photo NABO)
US Basque teachers at a workshop in February (photo NABO)


The federation of North American Basque clubs (NABO) is organizing two Barnetegis or intensive Basque courses, for current Basque students in various Basque clubs in the US and Canada. One of these will take place in Arantzazu, Gipuzkoa from July 1-15th with the other taking place in New York during the same month. The deadline to enroll in the Basque Country Barnetegi is April 15th. In the case of New York, the Barnetegi will only take place if at least 8 or 9 students show interest.


Boise, Idaho.  The North American Basque Organizations, (NABO) is working hard towards promoting the Basque language this year and is proposing that current Basque students take advantage of deepening their knowledge and use of the language by attending one of two Barnetegis that will take place in July of this year.  Izaskun Kortazar, NABO’s Euskera coordinator informed that these courses will take place in Arantzazu (Gipuzkoa) and New York City.

The Barnetegi in Arantzazu will be taught by the Euskaltegi Ulibarri, from July 1-15th. The classes are aimed at students with a basic knowledge and ability to talk a little in Basque.  The course will last for 15 days, totaling 120 hours.  The price of the Barnetgi is $580 that includes lessons, room and board.  Travel to the Basque Country will be the responsibility of each participant.  Anyone wishing to participate should enroll before April 15th by emailing Izaskun Kortazar)

For more information on this Barnetegi or to contact the Euskaltegi Ulibarri (+(34) 944 162 472 or via email:

Barnetegi in the Big Apple

Besides the Barnetegi in Arantzazu, NABO has included another possibility this year: an intensive one-week course in New York.  In this way, those that can’t attend in the Basque Country have a chance to improve their Basque as well as visit one of the most interesting cities in the US.  This course will only take place if a minimum of 8 or 9 students enroll.

These classes will be taught by Aitzol Azurza and Imanol Botxo, both professors at New York’s Euskal Etxea.  It will take place at the club house in Brooklyn and will probably take place from July 7-13th but dates are yet to be confirmed.  This Barnetegi will concentrate on spoken Basque so a minimum knowledge of the language is required. 

The course will last 7 days (from Saturday to Friday inclusive) totaling 56 hours of class from 9am to 5pm.  The cost of the course is $1,080 ($170 for the course; $700 for lodging; and $210 for meals).

Anyone wishing to enroll or get more information should email Aitzol Azurtza.

-For more information on NABO’s Basque courses:

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