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Bakersfield will celebrate a day of Basque Studies; on Thursday in Santa Barbara, concert by Noka


Cathy Petrissans Parker, Andrea Bidart Oteiza and Begoña Echeverria are Noka
Cathy Petrissans Parker, Andrea Bidart Oteiza and Begoña Echeverria are Noka


Basque Studies will be the highlight over the next few days in California universities thanks to the Basque language lecturers and classes offered at the University of California in Bakersfield and Santa Barbara. On the one hand, tomorrow literature and the Basque imaginary will be the focus of a conference organized by the University at Bakersfield. On the other, next Thursday, the Basque-American group Noka will perform a concert at the University in Santa Barbara, as part of an event on the Galician writer Paz Andrade.

Bakersfield, CA. The University of California-Bakersfield will celebrate a conference on Basque Studies tomorrow, organized with the support of the Kern County Basque club as well as other institutions. The event will begin at 12:30 with a talk on Basque Literature by Unai Nafarrate, professor of Basque Studies at the university. Nafarrate holds a degree in Basque Philology from the University of the Basque Country and, before taking charge of teaching Basque in Bakersfield, was a professor of Basque Studies at the neighboring University of Santa Barbara.

Following, Dr. Zoe Bray will give a talk entitled, “The Power of Images in the Basque Imagination.” Bray is an assistant professor at the Center for Basque Studies at the University of Nevada Reno with a degree in Political Science and Anthropology. She has conducted various Basque cultural studies and has published a book 'Living Boundaries: Frontiers and Identity in the Basque Country'.

Noka in Santa Barbara

On the other hand, next Thursday the University of Santa Barbara will take a turn and will offer a small portion of its “Dia das letras galegas” (Galician Literature Day) to Basque culture. During the event organized around the Galician writer Paz Andrade there will be two events with a Basque flavor: the first will be a talk by Diana Palenzuela, Basque lecturer at the university that will compare the Galicianism of Paz Andrade to the nationalism of the era; secondly the group Noka will perform. Noka is a Basque-American group from California formed by singers Andrea Bidart Oteiza, Begoña Echeverria and Cathy Petrissans Parker. The group sings in Basque and has already recorded two CDs in the US.

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