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The association GU Elkartea is born in Poland which aims to build cultural bridges with Euskal Herria


Gu Elkartea's logo
Gu Elkartea's logo


A group of Basques living in Poland have created a Basque-Polish cultural association called GU Elkartea. The group aims to build a closer cultural relationship between the Basque Country and Poland. They say that there is interest in Basque culture in Poland, and that they are eager to do things but that sometimes these projects do not materialize due to the lack of an association that can get them started. This is why they decided to create GU Elkartea and are inviting anyone interested to join them via this article in

Warsaw, Poland.  The group of Basques that has created the GU Elkartea in Poland is sure that there is notable interest in this country in Basque culture, as shown by the existence of two Basque language and culture assistantships in universities in Warsaw and Poznan.  “The assistant in Poznan is a member of the association and we are also in touch with the one in Warsaw,” they explained to  “During the last few years the cultural relations between Poland and Euskal Herria have multiplied and we see that there is a desire to do more things, but many times they don’t go anywhere.  That’s why we decided to create GU Elkartea so we can support those willing to work and their ideas.”

The association is now looking for Basques in Poland to expand its membership, but its leaders admit that it is not easy.  “The majority come for a short time, to work or to study (with an Erasmus scholarship).  Some, have married and come to live here, but we don’t know how to contact more Basques in Poland.”

The association has created a Facebook page that provides information on its activities and anyone interested in becoming involved can contact them through that page.  “Anyone wanted to join can find us on Facebook, or via this email. We will welcome anyone who wants to help with open arms.  Of course we also invite Polish people who live in Euskal Herria to become involved as well.”

-GU Elkartea on Facebook, here


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