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Basque Days in Poznan conclude successfully with a large number of students and Basque artists participating


Writer Rikardo Arregi during his reading at "Basque Days" in Poznan (photo Anna Olejinicza)
Writer Rikardo Arregi during his reading at "Basque Days" in Poznan (photo Anna Olejinicza)


The Basque workshops organized each spring by the Basque language lecturer at Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan have already become a classic in the academic life of this Polish city. This year the workshops entitled, “Basque Days,” had an increased number of people participating from Euskal Herria like writers Harkaitz Cano and Rikardo Arregi and musicians Jabier Muguruza and Mikel Azpiroz. Additionally, as in other years, it is worth noting the student involvement as they presented a theatrical adaptation of the play Hitzen ondoeza (The Uneasiness of Words) by Joseba Sarrionandia. Amaia Donés, Euskera lecturer in Poznan sent us these images.

Poznan, Poland.  Amaia Donés Basque Language and Culture Lecturer at the University of Adam Mickiewics in Pozan, was very satisfied with the “Basque Days” or “Dni Baskijskie” that were celebrated last week. The lecturer organized the event with the support of the Etxepare Basque Institute with literature as this year’s theme. 

One of the things that stood out to Donés was the student participation.  Basque students performed an adaptation of the work Hitzen Ondoeza by Joseba Sarrionandia, mixed with music, photos, power-points and acting.  “The performance turned out very well, and was very successful,” Amaia told  Another noteworthy event was the screening of Basque shorts from the Kimuak program at a well known theater in town:  “The theater was full, and the best part was, that since the shorts were part of the regular programming, regular customers were also in attendance,” she added.

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2012 (5)

[Students performing a play based on 'Hitzen ondoeza' by Sarrionandia (photo Szymon Paz)]

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2012 (6)

[Actors bowing at the end of their performance based on the work by Joseba Sarrionandia (photo Anna Olejnicza)]

Basque artists in Poznan

“Basque Days”were complete with a large number of people from the Basque Country, such as writers Harkaitz Cano and Rikardo Arregi, musicians javier Muguruza and Mikel Azpiroz.  The four artists participated in several events over the two days, such as a translation workshop at the university and a musical poetry recital.  Donés noted that the recital may end up being a book:  “The poems were translated into Polish by poet Barbara Stawicka-Pirecka, and they will surely be published here.  That’s the plan.”

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2012 (1)

[Writer Harkaitz Cano Reading his poems at the recital that took place at the cafeteria Sekret (photo Anna Olejnicza)]

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2012 (4)

[Jabier Muguruza singing and Mikel Azpiroz at the piano during the recital (photo Anna Olejnicza)]

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2012 (3)

[Harkaitz Cano in the audience enjoying the music at the recital at the Sekret (photo Anna Olejnicza)]

Other notable events were talks on Basque culture (Sonia Kolacz talked about Basque art and Natalia Stolarska on Iparralde) and the closing festivities that took place at the Hana-Bi bar where there was karaoke, kalimotxo, modern Basque music and a workshop on Basque dance… all in an unbeatable atmosphere. 


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