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A tribute will take place on the same day and hour of the 1937 bombing of Gernika at Berlin’s Guernica Platz


Historian Emilio Majuelo, on the right, during his talk last week (photo BerlinEE)
Historian Emilio Majuelo, on the right, during his talk last week (photo BerlinEE)


Berlin’s Euskal Etxea continues with the events surrounding the 75 anniversary of the bombing of Gernika, and after a month of intense activity, will conclude this Thursday with a commemorative program on the 26 on exactly the same day and hour that Nazi aviators swept the Bizkaian village. The tribute will take place in the Guernica Plaza in the German capital, at the same time as the attack occurred. The Basque club has succeeded in involving several Berlin groups and nearby churches that will all ring their bells at the same time in memory of the victims.

Berlin, Germany.  The Euskal Etxea in Berlin is immersed in commemorative events on the occasion of the 75 anniversary of the bombing of Gernika: last week, for example historian Emilio Majuelo gave a talk on the historical memory in the Basque Country and Spain, and two documentaries were also shown on the attack Gernika. Bonbardaketa, and From the Place where I Live.

Events will continue this week: day after tomorrow expert Benjamin Inal will close the conference cycle with a talk on the eco that the bombing of Gernika had in the arts.  According to Unai Lauzirika, Basque club member, Inal will show “through images and projections how artists such as Alain Resnais, Bernardo Atxaga, Vazquez Montalban or Picasso have told or reinterpreted what happened.  In this way teaching us how the same event has been reinterpreted and reevaluated from one generation to the next, during the process of creating and adapting memory.”

Tribute in the Guernica Platz

The main event, however, will take place on April 26 when the 75 anniversary of the bombing takes place.  At the same time that the Bizkaian village was attacked, Euskal Etxea members along with several associations in Berlin will gather at the plaza Guernica Platz.  “The mayor of the neighborhood will join us in the event and the churches in the area will ring their bells in unison in memory of the victims,” Lauzirika explained.

It is worth noting that the Euskal Etxea of Berlin succeeded in getting the support and participation of several local associations, like the church and an important anti-fascist network of victims of Nazism.

Finally, we are including a link to an article on Berlin’s Euskal Etxea published in the Basque weekly Argia (in Basque).   


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