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The Eusko Etxea of Caracas opened the photo exhibit: 1937, Euzkadi under the Bombs”


Visitors at the "1937. Euzkadi under the Bombs," exhibit at the Eusko Etxea in Caracas (photo CaracasEE)
Visitors at the "1937. Euzkadi under the Bombs," exhibit at the Eusko Etxea in Caracas (photo CaracasEE)


Several members of the Basque community in Caracas attended the opening of the photo exhibit “1937, Euzkadi under the Bombs” on March 31. This exhibit recalls the bombing of Gernika and Durango this year which marks the 75 anniversary of both tragedies. Its opening coincided exactly with the date that the first bombing took place in Durango on March 31, 1937. Several Basque clubs will commemorate the anniversary of the bombing of Gernika on April 26.

Caracas, Venezuela. Coinciding with the 75 anniversary of the bombing of Durango, Bizkaia, March 31, the Eusko Etxea of Caracas opened a photo exhibit entitled, “1937. Euzkadi under the Bombs.” The exhibit was organized with the support of the town hall of Durango as well as the Foundation Museum for Peace in Gernika, who provided the bibliographic and historical material for the exhibit. 

The show, that will be available at the Eusko Etxea until Aberri Eguna, gathers more than 40 historical photos that show the destruction that occurred in Durango, as in Gernika shortly afterwards on April 26, 1937.

Durango and Gernika

Despite the fact that the bombing of Gernika has become better known, undoubtedly because of the influence of Picasso’s painting, the attack in Durango has remained the first civilian population to be bombed in the world.  The bombing was carried out by the Italian aviation legion, allies with Franco, which left 300 dead as well as a number of buildings destroyed.

Almost a month later, on April 26, 1937, Gernika was bombed by the German Condor Legion, with some support from Italy.  The city was almost completely destroyed, with also many dead, many due to the subsequent fires. 

Survivors in Caracas

There are two women who survived both tragedies and who currently reside in Caracas: Maria Teresa Aguirre de Arriaga, and Itziar Rodriguez Seijo.  The first was in Durango, and the second survived the attack on Gernika.  Both participated in the exhibit’s opening, sharing their experiences with those present.

Caracas Expo 1937 (2)

[Attendees at the exhibit, “1937, Euzkadi under the Bombs,” at the Eusko Etxea of Caracas (photo CaracasEE)]

Those who attended the exhibit’s opening were treated to an aperitif and the Eusko Etxea also displayed the commemorative cup created for the event which can be purchased at the Basque club.

Caracas Expo 1937 (3)

[The Eusko Etxea of Caracas has commemorative cups of the anniversary of the bombing of Gernika for sale (photo CaracasEE)]


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