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Berlin’s Basque club invites all to “Gernika and the Germans,” this Friday at the Cervantes Institute


Walther L. Bernecker Historian (Photo Cervantes Institute)
Walther L. Bernecker Historian (Photo Cervantes Institute)


Berlin’s Basque club extends an invitation for all to attend the event entitled, “Gernika and the Germans,” that will take place this Friday at the Cervantes Institute there. The event consists of two parts: the first will be the screening of “Gernika” by Klaus Ihlau, in which survivors of the bombing are interviewed as well as the German pilots of the Condor Legion; the second will include a talk by historian Walther Bernecker on the influence that the tragic event had on Basque and German relations. The event was organized with the collaboration of the Etxepare Basque Institute and the Cervantes Institute.

Berlin, Germany.  Berlin’s Basque club continues with its activities, following the cancelation of the festival that was planned for the beginning of this month (they need to find a new venue for the celebration).  But the center’s next activity will take place this Friday at the Cervantes Institute.  The day is dedicated to the theme “Gernika and the Germans,” which was organized with the support of the Etxepare Basque Institute.

The event will begin at 7:30pm with the screening of the documentary by journalist Klaus Ihlau.  It is entitled, “Gernika,” in which Ihlau interviews survivors of the bombings of 1937, but also the German pilots from the Condor Legion that attacked the city.  The documentary explores the process of reconciliation between Gernika and Germany after the tragic event.

Following, the historian Walther Bernecker, will give a talk on Basque-German relations, analyzing the impact that the bombing had both on Germany and on the Basque Country.  Bernecker is a professor at the University of Erlange-Nurenberg and an expert in Basque History and the Spanish Civil War.

Moreover, the historian has been put in charge of revising, correcting and updating the book Baskische Geschichte (Basque History), by Michael Kasper, after the death of the author, who was very active in Berlin’s Basque club.  During his presentation, Bernecker will announce his conclusions on his research on “Gernika and the Germans” for the first time.

-Berlin’s Basque club’s website,


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