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Ekin Dantzari Taldea will celebrate the third Jauzi Eguna at the Buenos Aires Eusketxe Basque Cultural Center


Ekin Dantzari Taldea at Buenos Aires's IV Communities Festival (Photo F. Lioi)
Ekin Dantzari Taldea at Buenos Aires's IV Communities Festival (Photo F. Lioi)


2009 marked the first edition of 'Jauzi Eguna' or day of the Jauzi at the Eusko Kultur Etxea or Eusketxe Basque Cultural Center clubhouse on Mexico Street. The goal of this celebration is to show, teach and dance this typical Basque circle dance. Other activities will also be interspersed between these three activities on October 1st at the club on Mexico Street established in 1880. Events are being organized by the group headed by Aitor Alava, which will also include a dinner, dance and a drawing.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The Ekin Dantzari Taldea has participated in various events throughout the city of Buenos Aires during the last few weeks.  It should be noted that the group bears the name of the publishing house founded by Andres de Irujo and has entertained, with its choreographies, at festivals for cultural diversity and to honor the immigrants who have settled in the capital.  These events include: “Buenos Aires Celebrates the Basque Country,” on August 28th; the IV Communities festival, held at the Hotel of Immigrants on September 4th; as well as at the “Day of the Immigrant” festival which took place at the parks adjacent to the Planetarium in Palermo on the 18th.

Next weekend, however, the group will again don their traditional costumes at Eusketxe or Eusko Kultur Etxea to add rhythm and color to Jauzi eguna.  The event will begin around 20:30, with a screening of a documentary about Jauzis now.  There will be bibliographic and musical information provided for those who are interested. The video will conclude around 22:00, when dinner will be served.  The menu includes: pintxos, chicken and rice, and Basque desserts and cost of the ticket is $40.  The evening will end with a dance.

In order to optimize the experience for all, the organizers would appreciate RSVPs sent to:  / or by leaving a phone message at: 4381.4611

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