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This week’s Basque events in Boise: the comedy “Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel” and a concert by Noka


A scene from "Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel"
A scene from "Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel"


The Basque community in Boise will have several opportunities in the upcoming weeks to enjoy Basque culture, three of which we highlight here. First on February 21, the movie Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel will be shown at the Basque Center. This movie is the hilarious narration of the adventures of a Basque language student. Next, on February 23, the group Noka, from California, will give a concert on the occasion of the International Day of Mother Tongues. Finally, Dr. John Ysursa will give a talk on annual Basque rituals at the Basque Museum.

Boise, Idaho.  The Euzkaldunak Basque club will show Kutsidazu bidea, Ixabel on February 21.  The show is free of charge and open to the public according to the blog "A Basque in Boise". The movie follows the adventures and misadventures of a city kid who is a taking an intensive Basque language class during the summer and living with an odd family.  The youth falls in love with the daughter of one of his hosts, but problems with communicating in Basque and the eccentricities of the rest of the clan, create a number of funny situations and misunderstandings.

The movie begins at 19:00 but prior to that there will be an aperitif for audience members at the Basque Center.  Admission is free, and for those unable to attend, the movie is also available online at

Concert by Noka

Another notable activity is the concert to be performed at the Basque Center by the Basque group Noka.  This will take place on February 23 at 19:00, as part of the International Day of Mother Tongues festivities.  Noka is formed by three singers from Chino, California: Catherine Petrissans, Andrea Bidart Oteiza and Begoña Echeverria.  They will perform accompanied by guitarist Laurent Ascarain and Boise’s own Biotzetik Choir.

The repertoire consists of popular songs, both traditional and modern, as well as songs written by the group itself.  The songs will be in Basque, as always, but for non-Basque speakers, their translations will be projected.  Additionally, the singers will also provide brief explanations on each song and what it is about.

Basque Rituals

Finally, two weeks later on March 8, historian John Ysursa will give a talk on Basque rituals at the Boise Basque Museum.  The talk entitled, “Annual Rituals that Define Basques,” and will begin at 19:00 at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center.  The event was organized by the Basque Museum in collaboration with the Basque Studies Program at Boise State.


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