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Mountain Home Basque Club will host a Mus Workshop Tonight at the Historic Bengoechea Hotel


Historic Bengoechea Hotel building in Mountain Home (photo
Historic Bengoechea Hotel building in Mountain Home (photo


A Mus workshop is being offered in Mountain Home Idaho tonight. This class is free of charge and offered to Euskal Lagunak Club members in response to their wishes to become more involved in the Basque card game. It will be held at the Bengoechea Hotel which is next to the local clubhouse from 6:30 to 8:30PM. The teachers are coming from Boise and are all members of Boise Euzkaldunak Basque club including Steve Achabal, Xanti Alcelay, Jill Aldape and Tyler Smith.

Boise, USA. Gina Gridley, the person responsible for organizing the Mountain Home Mus Workshop, tells that the main reason Euskal Lagunak decided to have the Mus workshop is "because the members asked for it.”  A couple of years ago, when the board reorganized the club and surveyed the members as to what they wanted to see with regards to club activities, Mus was one of the activities they requested. Gina attended a Mus workshop held by Euzkaldunak in Boise last year, and she realized it was exactly what Euskal Lagunak needed to get members to play. 

Euskal Lagunak has a short term and a long term goal for this workshop. In the short term, the club hopes to organize Mus nights at the clubhouse in order to give those who are learning the opportunity to play together. In the long term, they hope to celebrate their first Mus tournament and then send the winners to the NABO Mus Championship. 

Tonight’s workshop will be the first one for Euskal Lagunak. In order to get people interested and boost attendance the club is offering it for free and providing food and drinks as well. It will be held next to the Euskal Lagunak’s clubhouse in the Bengoechea Hotel on Friday, April 29th, 6:30-8:30PM.  The teachers include members of both Boise’s Euzkaldunak Basque club and Oinkari dancers. In return, Euskal Lagunak plans to donate money for the summer trip to the Basque Country that the Oinkaris are planning. 

Gina Gridley is unsure about what the next step will be, but she doesn’t rule out the possibility of additional Mus workshops. Euskal Lagunak will assess the situation after today's workshop, and after evaluating club members’ feedback regarding tonight’s event.

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