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John Ysursa will step down as NABO’s facilitator on January 1 when Kate Camino will take his place


John Ysursa, Kate Camino and Lisa Corcostegui (photos
John Ysursa, Kate Camino and Lisa Corcostegui (photos


Coinciding with the beginning of 2013, John Ysursa, NABO’s facilitator will leave this post after seven years of service to the organization. Kate Camino will then take his place, assisted by Lisa Corcostegui on the website. Ysursa will continue his work in NABO as chair of the Education Committee, as well as through the Chino Basque club where he serves as its secretary. His replacement, Kate Camino, has a long history in NABO as well as in the Basque-American community, and will share the post’s responsibilities with Lisa Corcostegui who will serve as the organization’s new webmaster.

Reno, NV.  The North American Basque Organizations, NABO, the federation of US Basque clubs will begin 2013 with the passing of the facilitator baton.  The facilitator is one of the two part time paid posts in NABO that serves mainly as the liaison between the federation and the Basque Government.  John Ysursa, who has held this position since its creation seven years ago, announced his decision to leave some months ago which will take effect January 1, 2013.

Ysursa will continue his work in NABO as chair of the newly formed Education Committee as well as his role of Basque club secretary in the Chino Basque club.  He wrote his last Astero, NABO’s weekly newsletter of his creation, last week where he included  some departing words.  Astero will now become the responsibility of the new facilitator, Kate Camino, originally of Wyoming, currently residing in Reno.

Creation of Synergies

Ysursa’s tenure as NABO’s facilitator can be characterized by a streamlining of relations with the Basque Government and the creation of new synergies on both sides of the Atlantic.  During his time as facilitator, NABO enjoyed many new programs and a proliferation of visits by musicians, singers, conference attendees, workshops and training by Basque experts in the US, as well as by a notable increase in the relationship between North American Basques with those in Euskadi, as well as with Basque centers and communities in other countries in the Diaspora.

Internally, his technical knowhow has created a new dynamic at the heart of NABO, providing technical support at its meetings and institutional functions as well as attracting new opportunities to the federation by facilitating the participation, and involvement of younger generations, according to sources of the Basque-American community itself.

Kate Camino takes over

During the past few months, NABO has been undergoing a selection process to find the person to replace Ysursa.  This selection took place at its last meeting in Mountain Home, Idaho in October with Kate Camino being chosen, a person with a long history in NABO who will be assisted by another Basque-American expert, Lisa Corcostegui as the institution’s webmaster.

John Ysursa, Kate Camino and Lisa Corcostegui are all Basques born in the US who speak Basque and English, as well as Spanish and in Camino’s case, also French.  All three are known for their knowledge and experience in their respective Basque communities as well as at the national level.  All three have also participated as NABO delegates in international activities, world congresses, and in initiatives such as Gaztemundu.

A huge Eskerrik Asko to John Ysursa, and a warm Ongi Etorri to Kate and Lisa.


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