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Euskaltzales in Poznan took to the streets to welcome Korrika 18 to Poland


Korrikalariak took off from Poznan's main square (photo ADones)
Korrikalariak took off from Poznan's main square (photo ADones)


Students from several Basque lectureship programs around the world have joined in on Korrika 18 through various activities. In the case of La Plata there are two events: “Korrika poteoa”, set for tomorrow at 20:00 at the Basque club, and another, “Korrika Txe”, set for Friday at 17:30 in the Moreno Plaza. In Poznan, Poland, teacher Amaia Dones has sent us photos and a report on the race that her students participated in through the center of the city. “On its way to the Basque Country, the race made a stop in Poznan,” she commented.

Poznan, Poland.  “Love for Euskal Herria, fascination with Euskera, wanting to learn languages…” these were some of the reasons that brought Basque students at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan to organize their own Korrika 18 on March 9, shortly before the race started in Euskal Herria.  Instructor Amaia Dones was the driving force behind the event, which took place at the main square in Poznan at noon.

“Ever since we proposed the event, the students decided that the goal of organizing Korrika in Poznan would be to introduce the Basque language to people in the city,” explained Dones.  “In order to do that the Polish Euskalaris prepared some informative pamphlets designed by Magda: the Korrika logo was on one side and information on the race in Polish on the other.  And that was “something that they had to explain to those folks who found themselves face to face with the race!”

Korrika 18 Poznan 1

[Korrika 18 in Poland started from the town hall plaza in Poznan (photo Luiza Stosik-Turek)]

Korrika 18 Poznan

[AEK and the Etxepare Institute collaborated in the event, sending promotional materials, posters and bibs (photo Luiza Stosik-Turek)]

Korrika 18 Poznan 2

[Weronika took the microphone and explained what Korrika was to the curious (photo Luiza Stosik-Turek)]

Besides pamphlets, one of the students, Weronika, took the microphone and explained to the curious that gathered what Korrika was and what Euskera is.  Her talk was successful and some of them joined the group.  Afterwards there was a short Basque lesson for those in attendance, teaching them some basic words and phrases.  “We were finally able to gather everyone behind the poster and take off,” said Amaia Dones.

Korrika 18 Poznan 3

[Participants anxious to get started just before taking off (photo Luiza Stosik-Turek)]

The race covered the center of the city, with the cry “ttipi-ttapa, ttipi-ttapa, Korrika!” chanted even by citizens of Poznan who joined in at the last minute as well as a group of Italian and American tourists.

Korrika 18 Poznan 4

[Residents of Poznan watched the race with surprise, but some also joined in (photo Luiza Stosik-Turek)]

The event concluded with a song, the mythic Txoria-txori followed by students dancing “Txulalai.”  Ten copies of Kontu-Kontari: opowiadania baskijskie, an anthology of Basque stories translated into Polish, were also raffled off.  More images of the day in this video:

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