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We already have 10 winners in the Korrika 18 t-shirt raffle! Are you one of them?


T-shirts that were raffled
T-shirts that were raffled


Argentina, Chile, Basque Country, US, Italy, Spain, Colombia, Brazil, Germany, Catalonia…189 people from all over the world participated in the raffle for Korrika 18 t-shirts that we shared with our readers. Well, we have the winners. Zorionak, congratulations to all of them. Please see the complete list of winners below.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  These are the winners of the 10 t-shirts that came to us from the Korrika organization to share with our readers.

  • Antonela Veroli Mujica, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Laura Rojas Zubieta, Viña del Mar (Chile)
  • Juan Alberto Zamarbide, Bahia Blanca (Argentina)
  • Guillermo de Jesús López Glen, Barranquilla (Colombia)
  • Isabelle Duhalde, Pacifica (United States)
  • Liliana Raquel Arrillaga, Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • “Lucio Echaniz” library, Arrecifes (Argentina)
  • Itsaso Cid Antón, Madrid (Spain)
  • Mariana Erneta, Tres Arroyos (Argentina)
  • Goisalde Ocamica Jausoro, Mountain Home (United States)

Congratulations to the winners!

The t-shirts will be sent this week to their respective locations and countries. We hope that you’ll like them and that you will wear them with pride.  We would appreciate a picture of you in it! Zorionak! (and if you didn´t get it this time, be ready for the next raffle, just in a few days)


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