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Korrika 18 will resound in the Diaspora: Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Switzerland, Argentina, USA...


Korrika 16 in Necochea Argentina in 2009 (photo Iñaki Agostini Zubillaga)
Korrika 16 in Necochea Argentina in 2009 (photo Iñaki Agostini Zubillaga)


Korrika 18 will begin on March 14 in Andoain (Gipuzkoa, Basque Country) and during eleven days it will tour Euskal Herria to end in Baiona on March 24. This popular race in support of the Basque language is organized by the coordinator of Euskaltegis AEK and its goal is to raise money to support Basque literacy for adults. The race is reaches far into the Diaspora and each year more and more clubs participate and organize parallel activities. If you would like to organize a Korrika in your area or country, contact AEK.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  Basques in the Diaspora in numerous Basque clubs have begun to organize various activities as part of Korrika 18.  As in previous years, the veterans will also be present at Korrikas in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Mexico City, New York, Boise, Santiago, Chile, Buenos Aires, and La Plata for example. Other cities like Berlin and Brno, that held their first event last year, will be counted again this year.  In each of these several kinds of activities are being planned, from races (imitating the Korrika that tours the Basque Country) to concerts, talks to dinners…all these activities will celebrate Basque and its instruction in a festive atmosphere. 

Additionally, the Korrika flame will be lit this year in new places such as in Hungary, Poland, Geneva, Belfast and Liverpool among others.  We will provide more information on these in the coming weeks.

Organize your Korrika

Preparations have begun in all of these cities, but anyone who would like to do something in their Basque club or community still has time to do so.  The coordinator from AEK invites anyone interested to get in touch with them, and they will help you get involved in different ways, to the extent possible: for example, by sending racing numbers and publicity materials.

-To bring Korrika to your city contact AEK here
-Korrika’s website:



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