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Now you can participate online for free in the workshop “Introduction to Euskal Herria,” through Facebook


Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria's Facebook page
Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria's Facebook page


The proposal is new and was created as a response to a repeated request. “There are people who can’t attend workshops and always ask if they can be done online. Taking those requests into account, it occurred to me that using Facebook could be interesting in order to reach this audience,” explained from Argentina Mariana Fernandez Castelli, account administrator. Fernandez Castelli, who has a lot of experience in the area, will venture into this medium that will maintain the spirit of face-to-face get-togethers. The course is offered in Spanish.

Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The professor Mariana Fernandez Castelli is the promoter of the “Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria,” that from tomorrow forward provides everyone the opportunity to participate online through a Facebook page of the same name.  The workshop provides a way to approach the culture of the Basque Country for anyone who would like to take advantage of the possibilities that this social network offers.  It is a way to attend this workshop from anywhere in Argentina and the world, with the convenience of no concrete hours and the possibility to participate and share comments.  

For the Basque Diaspora, using tools that are available online has allowed for an exponential qualitative and quantitative jump in relation to sharing information, and you don’t have to go too far to find examples.  Basque teacher training through HABE’s program Euskara Munduan is probably one of the best-known cases: it has been working since 2004 via a virtual platform with very good results.

 Space to contribute

The number of courses available is getting larger and more and more complete, always taking into account the profile, as well as the users’ needs.  It was in this context that “Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria” was born.

“It is very new, I'm just starting out and although I’ve planned how the material will be organized, I imagine that I will need to adapt as necessary,” Mariana Fernandez told

“The proposal is to create a space where there can be exchanges of every type on Euskal Herria, its history, culture, and everything that contributes its knowledge; it is an invitation to share notes, photos, videos, opinions, comments…all manifestations and expressions that contribute to the knowledge of Euskal Herria.  And since it is a workshop, the goal is to share to construct knowledge among everybody, to maintain a dynamic format,” the history teacher explained.

Participate in the workshop

 The “Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria” is already functioning and is updated daily.  Anyone who would like to participate for free, open to all, only needs to have a Facebook account and to enter into the Facebook page: Workshop: Introduction to Euskal Herria. Users can read its contents, as well as comment on it and share information, ideas and other interesting links.


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