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The University of California-Santa Barbara offers two courses on Basque culture online; open enrollment


Diana Palenzulea Basque language and culture teacher at UCSB (photo Etxepare)
Diana Palenzulea Basque language and culture teacher at UCSB (photo Etxepare)


Anyone interested in taking a course on Basque culture, with mastery in English and access to the internet, can do so this fall at the University of California in Santa Barbara. The university has included two new offerings in its list of courses: Basque Language and Culture and Basque Studies. Both classes are taught by Diana Palenzuela and the cost of enrollment (without earning college credit) is $210. The price for taking them for credit is $1,200. Enrollment is open and we’ll let you know how go about it.

Santa Barbara, CA.  The University of California in Santa Barbara (USBC) offers the possibility to take two courses on Basque topics face to face or online.  The courses are Basque Language and Culture and Basque Studies.  Diana Palenzulea, the University’s Basque language and culture teacher (in collaboration with the Etxepare Basque Institute) is teaching the classes both online and face-to-face.

Palenzuela explained to that even though both classes have already begun (October 1) that enrollment is still open.  UCSB students as well as others outside of the area who are interested can still enroll.  Enrollment is easy: to enroll in Basque Studies go here, and to enroll in Basque Language and Culture, here.

“If they want to take them for credit, enrollment is more expensive $1,200 (as the majority of courses at the University).  However, if you want to take the course not for credit then the price is $210,” Palenzuela explained.

Forum with other students

According to the teacher, after enrolling the student will receive the platform software and an access password.  After that, Palenzuela uploads the course materials, explanations and daily exercises, which are the same presented in the face-to-face class.  The students then do the exercises on their own, and upload them to the platform where the professor then corrects them and adds comments.

Any questions that may arise can be answered in the course’s forum, where the teacher; on-line classmates, as well as students in the face-to-face class participate. The latter receive extra credit if they help others with questions.  Additionally, the teacher is also available to her students twice a week via Skype to answer questions and to practice Euskera.

According to sources from the Etxepare Institute if these two courses are well received, then the offer may extend to future semesters with courses such as Basque Language and Culture II and III, and, possibly, Literature and Film.


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