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The XXXVI World Mus Championship will take place in Chile in 2013, in Mexico in 2014 and in Uruguay in 2015


Photo from this year's International Mus Tournament from that is maintained by NABO (photo
Photo from this year's International Mus Tournament from that is maintained by NABO (photo


The XXXV World Mus Championships of Basque Collectivities were just hosted by the Zazpiak Bat Basque club of Vancouver, Canada, and already the international mus machine has announced the sites for tournaments for the next five years. Next year’s the tournament will take place in Chile, in 2014 in Mexico, in 2015 in Uruguay, in 2016 in Donostia coinciding with the celebration of the city being named the European Capital of Culture, and in 2017 in Las Vegas, NV.

Vancouver, Canada.  The XXXV World Mus Championship was held on September 21-29 organized by the Zazpiak Bat Basque club in Vancouver, Canada.  It was held on a cruise ship that left Vancouver and sailed to Alaska taking players and their games through beautiful landscapes both Canadian and American.  At the end of the tournament a high-level meeting took place attended by representatives of the participating countries presided by Mike Etchart, head of Vancouver’s organizing committee with Juan Carlos Lagos, from Chile, acting as secretary.

Among topics discussed were the countries who would host the next five International tournaments.  The order is as follows: 2012 in Chile, 2014 in Mexico, 2015 in Uruguay, 2016 in Donostia (Euskadi), and 2017 in Las Vegas, US. 

Juan Carlos Lagos, representing Chile, pointed out the possibility of the 2013 championships being held in a place other than in the capital, but in any case that the details including place, dates, and program will be made public before December 31, 2012. He also noted the need for players to cancel by May 31, 2013, and in the case of companions 50% of fees will be due by June 30 with the balance due at their convenience, including on the date of arrival to Chile.  The membership dues per delegation will remain the same as this year or $1,200 that includes two players and a delegate.

The Mexican representative, Juanjo Arrieta introduced Mr. Agustin Palacios, who announced that Mexico will host the 2014 championships at a resort in Cancun.  In 2016, the delegate from Euskadi, Jose Luis Loza, from Donostia, indicated that the championship would be part of the festivities taking place throughout the year as the city has been named the European Capital of Culture for 2016, as designated by the European Union.

Other representatives attending the meeting were: Argentina, Iñaki Aramayo; Australia, Pedro Altuna; Canada, Mike Etchart; Chile, Juan Carlos Lago; United States, Pierre Etcharren; Spain, Norberto Rodriguez; Euskadi, José Luis García Loza; France, Martin Etchebarne; Mexico, Juan José Arrieta, Uruguay, Julio Garcia Denis; and Venezuela, Jon Zubiri. Others attending as guests were Maria Elena Diaz from Uruguay, Tomas Ugarteburu and Frank Etchart from Canada, Beñat Apesteguy from France; Jean-Baptiste Bidegaray from the US, Mariano Larrañaga from Venezuela and Juan Mendiburu from Chile

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