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An international Mus tournament on board a cruise ship? That’s what Vancouver 2012 is going to be


The cruise will visit Glacier Bay National Park
The cruise will visit Glacier Bay National Park


They make us want to become Mus players only to be able to participate in the International Mus Tournament of Basque Collectivities that will take place next year in Vancouver, Canada. Organized by the Zazpiak Bat Basque club, the tournament will take place on a cruise ship that will travel the west coast of North America from Alaska to Vancouver, visiting places such as Glacier Bay National Park. The tournament will take place from September 21-29, 2012. The Mus federation is in charge of the expenses for the players as well as one delegate from each country, but other people may attend, paying his/her own way, as long as they are signed up by January 2nd.

Vancouver, Canada.  The Zazpiak Bat Basque club of Vancouver has begun organizing the XXXV International Mus Championship of Basque Collectivities.  Even though the event is just about a year away it has already sparked the interest of many Mus players all over the world.  The tournament will be a new experience since it will take place on a cruise ship that will travel the west coast of North America from Alaska to Vancouver. 

As each year, the Mus encounter will gather representatives from the different federations, as well as this year’s winning team (Euskadi 1) and an additional team from the hosting country.  The participants, delegates, friends and family and anyone else who decides to join the cruise will meet in Vancouver on September 21, 2012 and will board the “Sapphire Princess” the very next day. 

Alaska and Glacier Bay Park

From Vancouver the cruise ship will travel to places in Alaska like Juneau, Skagway, on the route of gold seekers, Glacier Bay National Park, or the picturesque town of Ketchikan, where the largest number of native totems in the area are found. The card games will take place during the day while the boat is traveling.  The participants can also enjoy all the comforts and amenities of the cruise (a buffet, and included meals, the casino, theater, cinema, disco and shows. 

ketchikan alaska

 [Ketchican, in Alaska, will be one of the stops on the Mus cruise (photo KFong)] 

The Mus Federation is responsible for of all of the expenses for the Mus players and one delegate from each country, but everyone else who would like to join in, would be responsible for his/her expenses.  Price per person varies between $1,600 and $2,200 depending on what type of cabin reserved.  All cabin reservations need to be made before January 2, 2012. 

For more information contact Elena Sommer, club president, via email:  More information about the cruise is available by emailing

Zazpiak Bat’s website:


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