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Photo chronicle of Argentina’s Semana Vasca 2011, organized by Necochea’s Basque club (1)


The younger set gathered on the beach on Friday afternoon to participate in Herri Kirolak (photo
The younger set gathered on the beach on Friday afternoon to participate in Herri Kirolak (photo


The party ended but the emotions are still fresh, since every time photos are shared, Semana Vasca resonates and resounds along with its memories and sensations. Necochea once again pulled off a semana vasca that was highly attended, where folks could enjoy many aspects of Basque culture such as its music, dances, its language, and of course a steak and a night out. Delegations were delighted all week long, and most of all on Friday when people were arriving to the coastal city sometimes after traveling thousands of kilometers. was there again this year, and as always will share a photographic report of the festival highlights.

Necochea, Argentina.  The last delegations just said goodbye from Necochea’s Danish College promising to see each other again next year in Rosario.  The countdown begins again while Necochea 2011, with its special guests, its varied activities, talks over a drink or steaks from the cider house, become memories.  We at EuskalKultura will do our best to ensure that these memories are lasting ones.

Necocheako euskal astea I 2011 01A

[After having visited a number of euskal etxeas, Cesar Arrondo gave his talk, “Euskal Herria: the brief story of a nation” at Semana Vasca (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea I 2011 01B

[Without a doubt, Aukeran Dantza Konpainia, left a deep mark both on the dancers as well as the public in general.  Pictured, the short performance by the group on Thursday at the euskal etxea (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea 2011 01C

[Night at the cider house: cider, steaks and cider-house ambience all in Necochea (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea 2011 01

[A large number of delegations arrive at Semana Vasca on Friday and that is why activities geared towards the youth are reserved for then.  Even though a downpour forced the cancellation of the games earlier than expected, there was still time for some of the contests to take place (photo]

[And yes there are herri kirolak, you can’t miss the soka-tira (video]

Necocheako euskal astea 2011 02

[The choir recital took place at the Santa Maria del Carmen parish.  The Coral del Mar choir, from the hosting city, opened its performance with a medley of Maria Elena Walsh (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea 2011 03

[For its part, Gure Abestiak Basque Choir, from Tandil, directed by Martin Tumbarino, performed a repertoire with various traditional Basque songs including: 'Maitia Nun Zira' and 'Soy de Santurce' (photo]

Necocheako euskal astea 2011 04

[The Camerata de la Luna from Villa Mercedes, San Luis, also participated in Semana Vasca in Necochea.  Under the direction of Francisco Mensa, the choir performed some pieces by Basque composer Javi Busto and closed with is characteristic bilingual version of Calle Angosta (photo]

[To end the performance, the three choirs sang Agur Jaunak together (photo]

[The Aukeran Dantza Konpainia performed the show Gernika on Friday night in the theater (video]

 Necocheako euskal astea 2011 05

[After the Friday night dinner there was a dance with music provided this year by the Basque group Drindots, from Gipuzkoa.  The Basque musicians covered a number of musical styles from traditional to modern.  The Drindots had the audience dancing and singing until late at night (photo]

[Participants from various editions of Hator Hona returned to Necochea to participate in the Semana Vasca 2011.  They even danced at the Friday night event to the music of the Drindots as shown here (video]

 More to follow tomorrow


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