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The Laburbira 2012 film circuit that will travel to Madrid, London and Paris starts on March 1st


Manuel Moreno and Jon Garaño from Topagunea presenting Laburbira 2012 (photo Topagunea)
Manuel Moreno and Jon Garaño from Topagunea presenting Laburbira 2012 (photo Topagunea)


The ninth edition of Laburbira, the traveling Basque audiovisual tour will begin on March 1st in Ermua. The festival, organized by Topagunea, the federation of Basque associations, will show eight works this year including shorts, video clips, animation…Seven of these films are in Basque and one is in Galician (with subtitles), this year’s invited language. Twenty six showings will take place in the Basque Country with three more in the Diaspora thanks to Basque clubs in Madrid, London and Paris.

Ermua, Bizkaia.  Topagunea, the federation of Basque language associations, will begin this year’s tour of audiovisuals in Basque, Laburbira, with its first screening taking place at the Antzoki in Ermua.  This will be followed by 25 more stops in the Basque Country and three more in the Diaspora. 

Topagunea has worked hard, once again, to make contacts with Basque clubs all over the world in order to bring its works to Basques that live outside of Euskal Herria.  In addition to the clubs that will host events, there are several more who have shown interest even though in the end it didn’t work out as explained to by Manuel Moreno, from Topagunea.  “Izaskun Kortazar, NABO’s Euskera coordinator, wrote us from the US, for example, but they would need English subtitles and so we’ve kept them on the list for next year,” Moreno said.

The first screening in the Diaspora this year will be in Madrid on March 7th at the Basque club at 20:00. Afterwards the tour will continue on to London on March 9th at the Hanbury Hall of London’s Basque Society at 18:30.  Finally, Laburbira will be at Paris’s Basque club on March 14th thanks to the Euskera Sustraiak-Erroak group at 20:30.

-For more information on Laburbira 2012 on Topagunea’s website

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