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Record number of participants in the Literary Contest at Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi, Argentina in both Basque and Spanish


The Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi published the results of its 2020 Literary Contest
The Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi published the results of its 2020 Literary Contest


Corpus Christi, Argentina. The Eusko Etxea in Corpus Christi, in Misiones, continues publishing its monthly newsletter (see the August and September ones) that included the results of its international Bilingual Literary Contest, Spanish-Basque, whose theme this year was “Something was left inside with one and something was left out, in this Quarantine.”

Winners in the Euskara category were:

First Place: “Batzuk barruan, besteak kanpoan” (Some inside others outside) by Peru Amorrortu Barrenetxea, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba.
Second Place: “Furgoneta zuriak” (White trucks), by Larraitz García Hernando, from Zornotza, Bizkaia.

Other winners were Mari Joxe Azurtza (Donostia), Diana Oxalde (Berisso, Argentina) and José Pérez Urtiaga Martínez (Sao Paulo, Brasil). Accesits went to Todor Azurtza Sorrondegi (Boise, USA) and Mari Joxe Azurtza (Donostia).

The judging, that includes the awarding of five prizes and two honorable mentions was the job of a jury comprised of Gaizka Zubizarreta (Azpeitia, Gipuzkoa); Lander Arburua (Arantza, Nafarroa) and Sabrina Otegui (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

In regards to the winners in the Spanish category:

First Place: “Irritating for the Eyes and Skin,” by Leonardo Gastón Ponce (San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina);
Second Place: “The Zoom Rectangle,” by Matías Noccelli (Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina).

Other winners were Maximiliano Sacristán (General Rodríguez, Argentina), María Dorrego (San Miguel, Argentina) and José Miguel Fernández Hernández (Tenerife, Spain). Accesits went to Yamila Urban (Indio Rico, Argentina), Cecilia Caporaso (Buenos Aires, Argentina), Roxana Elizabeth Rey (Resistencia, Argentina), Agustín Alonso (Asturias, Spain) and José Luis Frasinetti (General Belgrano, Argentina). 

The Spanish jury was comprised of Yanina Faccio (CABA), Luis Larraburu (Posadas, Misiones) and Ethel María Mariotto (Saladillo, Buenos Aires) who also chose five winners and five honorable mentions.

With the winning texts along with a series of other chosen works, the club’s Atahualpa Yupanqui library is currently preparing the 2019-2020 Anthology. The complete literary contest results as well as the winning story in Spanish can be read in the club’s newsletter here.

This year there were 170 submissions including both categories, surpassing the number of participants from prior editions.

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