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Farewell to Roger Minhondo in California; Aita Cachenaut will celebrate a memorial mass in Irisarri on August 8th


Novato resident, Roger Minhondo passed away at the age of 71.  Seen here with the Bizi Emankorra award at the SFBCC
Novato resident, Roger Minhondo passed away at the age of 71. Seen here with the Bizi Emankorra award at the SFBCC


San Francisco, California, USA. Roger Minhondo, Chef from Behe Nafarroa passed away last Sunday in Novato, California and since then we have received notes of condolences and tribute from California as well as from Euskal Herria.  He will be cremated this week, and his funeral will take place at the end of August.  In the Basque Country, Aita Jean-Pierre Cachenaut, will celebrate mass in Basque and some English on August 8th at 3pm in Irisarri.  This mass will be recorded with the video being later sent to his widow and family in California.

Roger Minhondo was very well known in the area of restauration in San Francisco, chef and owner of the Guernica Restaurant in Sausalito, first and since 2000 of the Chalet Basque in San Rafael.  He was born in Irisarri (Behe Nafarroa) in 1949.  He studied at the Biarritz School of Hospitality, where he worked as a cook at the Parisian Hilton. His obituary is available here.

At the Chalet Basque singing with friends.  Goian beude (image Jean-Paul Barthe)

Roger Minhondo was a foundig member of the Basque Cultural Center in San Francisco where he was part of the board of directors as well as serving as the Director of the Catering Committee for more than 36 years.  In recognition of his work in favor of the Basques in the San Francisco area, and his permanent support of the Basque Cultural Center, he was awarded the Bizi Emankorra prize in 2010, justly recognizing his lifelong career. 

Your joyous laugh will be missed.

Goian Bego - Rest in Peace, Roger Minhondo.


  • Roger Minhondo

    Mila esker, Linda. The Basque version of the news was OK, but the English one was missing a number. You are right, the mass in memory of Roger Minhondo will be next Saturday, August 8th at 3:00pm in Roger's hometown, Irisarri, Lower Navarre. (Donostia-San Sebastián), 08/06/2020 00:06

  • Mass for Roger Minhondo

    Please note that the mass is Saturday, August 8th at 15h - 3pm.

    Linda Etcheverry-Lacourrege (Osses, France), 08/05/2020 21:47

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