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Etxepare Publishes a Collection of Free Downloadable books on Basque Culture in English, Spanish and Basque


The authors with editor Mari Jose Olaziregi and the Director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, Aizpea Goenaga (photo Etxepare)
The authors with editor Mari Jose Olaziregi and the Director of the Etxepare Basque Institute, Aizpea Goenaga (photo Etxepare)


It is called the Basque Culture Collection and yesterday the Etxepare Basque Institute presented the first ten works in Donostia. Each volume of the collection explores in depth an aspect of Basque culture and the themes selected are: Euskara, Basque literature, Basque classical music, Basque songwriting, visual arts, Basque film, architecture and design, euskal dantza, bertsolaritza, traditions, cuisine and theater. The objective is to publicize these themes internationally, and because of this, the collection is trilingual: in Basque, Spanish and English. And, most interestingly for our readers, you can download the PDFs for free on the website of the Etxepare Institute!

Donostia-San Sebastián. In its mission to bring Euskara and the Basque culture to the world, the Etxepare Basque Institute has published on the internet a collection that will be very useful for the Basques of the Diaspora and all those that have interest in this subject. The collection is called "Euskal Kultura Saila/Colección Cultura Vasca/Basque Culture Series" and Etxepare presented the first ten volumes yesterday in Donostia (it will be completed with two others soon).

Mari Jose Olaziregi, the director of Diffusion of Euskera for Etxepare, is the editor of the collection, and as she explained in her presentation, the collection aims “to offer actual current, inticing information, basically.” Another objective is to make the collection accessible, and for this reason, the books can be downloaded free in PDF form on Etxepare´s website. Additionally, the institute will distribute them for free in different fairs, festivals, universities and presentations.

Download them now!

To make the downloading process easier for our readers, we have assembled a list of the links from which you can access the volumes of the collection in PDF on the website of the Etxepare Basque Institute. Just clic the titles and you will be sent directly to the selected books. Enjoy! On egin!

1. A Brief History of the Basque Language (Ivan Igartua eta Xabier Zabaltza)
2. Basque Literature in the 20th Century (Estibalitz Ezkerra)
3. Basque Classical Music (Karlos Sanchez Ekiza)
4. Basque Songwriting: Pop, Rock, Folk (Jon Eskisabel)
5. A Collection of Prints (Visual Arts) (Miren Jaio)
6. Basque Cinema (Joxean Fernandez)
7. Architecture and Design (Pello Agirre) (coming soon)
8. Basque Dance (Oier Araolaza)
9. Bertsolaritza (Joxerra Garzia)
10. Traditions (Joseba Zulaika)
11. On Basque Cuisine (Hasier Etxeberria)
12. Basque Theater (Pedro Barea) (coming soon)

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