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The Etxepare Institute will celebrate 2011’s International Day of Euskara in Mexico City and Guadalajara


Writer Anjel Lertxundi will participate in Guadalajara's Book Fair (photo
Writer Anjel Lertxundi will participate in Guadalajara's Book Fair (photo


The Etxepare Basque Institute is preparing a series of activities for December coinciding with Guadalajara’s Book Fair and the International Day of Euskera. Just as last year, the Etxepare Institute will increase the Basque presence at this fair, the largest in Latin America. This year, writer Anjel Lertxundi has been invited and the presentation of his novel 'Dirty Laundry' (Etxeko Hautsa) will take place among many other activities. Next, the Basque delegation will participate in 'Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna' (ENE) at Mexico City’s Basque club, where they have prepared a new program as well.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  The Etxepare Basque Institute will participate again this year in Guadalajara’s Book Fair and has invited writer, Anjel Lertxundi to present his latest work aiming to publicize Basque literature.  The author, from Gipuzkoa, will participate in various acts: first he will give a talk to young readers followed by the presentation of his novel Dirty Laundry (Etxeko hautsa), and finally he will conduct a symposium on translation.

The Institute has also planned activities with the lecturers of Basque language and culture at Mexican universities.  These include a talk at UNAM by Anjel Lertxundi on December 1st, followed by a talk by the Institute’s Director, Aizpea Goenaga, at INALI (The Institute of Indigenous Languages) on Basque theater, and Mari Jose Olaziregi, Etxepare’s director of the Promotion of Euskera will also talk about Basque literature today.

The Mexico visit will conclude with a program at Mexico City’s Basque club to celebrate the International Day of Euskera or Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna.  Events will include a meal, a tribute to Basque TV series Goenkale, and a concert by brother bertsolaris Xabi and Fredi Paya along with the Ugarte Anaiak (Ugarte Brothers) on the txalaparta (Basque percussion instrument). 



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