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The Navarrese group Berri Txarrak will begin a new tour through Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Canada


Gorka Urbizu, Galder Izagirre and David Gonzalez members of Berri Txarrak
Gorka Urbizu, Galder Izagirre and David Gonzalez members of Berri Txarrak


After making an Asian tour and after selling out several concerts in recent months throughout the Basque Country, the group Berri Txarrak will perform in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Canada in their upcoming February/March tour. The concerts will take place in Curitiba, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Bellavista, San Antonio, Santiago, México DF and Toronto; on the 25th, 26th and 27th of February and the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 10th of March respectively.

Lekunberri, Navarre. After visiting China, Japan and South Korea on their Asian Tour 2010 held in October and November, and after selling out many of their recent performances in the Basque Country, the trio of musicians is facing a new challenge that will take them to Latin American countries and Canada. Berri Txarrak and the American band Rise Against will perform together in Brazil and Argentina in the upcoming Latin American tour that will take place in February. Later on, Berri Txarrak will visit Mexico, Chile and Canada by themselves.

Formed in 1994 in Lekunberri, Berri Txarrak has released six albums and a documentary, boasting their unstoppable evolution. Berri Txarrak (trad: Bad News) parts from the Basque rock scene and have extensively toured the world. They have an impressive discography: Berri Txarrak (1997), Ikasten (1999), Eskuak / Ukabilak (2001), Libre © (2003), Jaio.Musika.Hil (2005) and Payola (2009). Berri Txarrak took advantage of the international opening it had achieved in previous years to promote their last two works, embarking on a macro-tour lasting three years, with over 200 concerts throughout the world: Japan, Taiwan, Nicaragua, USA, Mexico and countless tours around Europe, one of them by invitation from the group Rise Against, the same group that will share the stage with them in February.

In August 2010, Galder Izagirre replaced former drummer Aitor Goikoetxea joining Gorka Urbizu and David Gonzalez, to create the current trio. Their last album Payola entered the Spanish charts in seventh place, a position never before achieved by a Basque band. The group will feature their latest work on the following dates:

-18th February, San Jose Dos Campos (Brasil) Hocus Pocus @ 20:00
-19th February, Sao Paulo (Brasil) Hangar 110 @ 20:00
-21th February, Bragança Paulista (Brasil) Venue @ 22:00
-24th February, Santo Andre (Brasil) Tupinikim @ 21:00
-25th February, Curitiba (Brasil) Master may @ 19:00
-26th February, Sao Paulo (Brasil) Carioca Club @ 19:00
-27th February, Buenos Aires (Argentina) Groove @ 18:00
-3rd March, Bellavista (Chile) Oxido @ 22:30
-4th March, San Antonio (Chile) C.C. Secreto Perfecto @ 20:00
-5th March, Santiago (Chile) C.C. Poeta Neruda @ 17:00
-8th March, México DF (México) Caradura @ 20:00
-10th March, Toronto (Canada) Canadian Music Fest. 2011 @ 14.00

-'Denak Ez du Balio', song by Berri Txarrak, featuring singer of Rise Against
-Berri Txarrak website

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