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Basque culture will be presented today by Anjel Lertxundi at Guadalajara’s Book Fair in Mexico


Writer Anjel Lertxundi is currently in Guadalajara participating in its International Book Fair (photo ArgazkiPress)
Writer Anjel Lertxundi is currently in Guadalajara participating in its International Book Fair (photo ArgazkiPress)


A dozen Basque publishers are in Mexico, participating in Guadalajara’s International Book Fair. It is the largest of its kind in Latin America, and just as last year, Basque culture will be present at the hands of the Basque Etxepare Institute, the Office of Euskadi in Mexico, the Basque language Publishers Association and the Basques editors Guild. Today writer Anjel Lertxundi will give a talk to young scholars and tomorrow will present Etxeko Hautsa (Dirty Laundry). On Thursday Lertxundi will travel to the Basque club in Mexico City along with Aizpea Goenaga and Mari Jose Olaziregi of the Etxepare Basque Institute in order to participate in the celebration of the International Day of Euskera there.

Guadalajara, Mexico.  A dozen Basque publishers are participating this year at Guadalajara’s International Book Fair through December 4th.  These include, Alberdania, Desclee de Brower, Elhuyar, Elkar, Erin, Mensajero, Nerea, Ediciones Saldaña, Ttarttalo, Txalaparta, Txertoa and the UPV publishing house.  There will also be professionals such as Jorge Gimenez (Alberdania), Javier Gogeascoechea (Desclee de Brower), Maite Pujana (Mensajero), Arantxa Liceaga (Nerea), Fermín Saldaña (Saldaña), Jin Jiménez (Txalaparta), Andrés Fernández (Euskadiko Editoreen Elkartea) and Ana Urrestarazu (Euskal Editoreen Elkartea).

A delegation from the Basque Country participates today with Anjel Lertxundi’s talk in the “Ecos de la FIL” section at 11:00am.  His audience will be made up of students from a school in Guadalajara.  Tomorrow at 18:30 he will present his book Etxeko Hautsa, in the “Los lectores presentan” section along with Jorge Gimenez and Mari Jose Olaziregi.  Day after tomorrow the three of them will give a talk on Basque literature and its translation.


On Thursday Goenaga, Olaziregi and Lertxundi will leave Guadalajara and will travel to Mexico City where they will participate in events dedicated to the Basque culture at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).  The event will begin at 15:30 with a welcome by the Ugarte Anaiak (plating txalaparta) and bertsolaris Xabi and Fredi Paya.  Following, Lertxundi and the Etxepare representatives will open a colloquium with the students.  That evening, they are invited to a Christmas dinner at Emprebask, the associations of Basque entrepreneurs of Mexico. 

On Thursday December 2nd, the Etxepare delegation will explain their work at the Institute of Indigenous Languages (INALI).   The Etxepare Basque Institute collaborates with this Mexican entity that works to protect and promote the country’s indigenous languages.  In the afternoon Zorion Perfektua (Perfect Happiness) will be shown at the Center for Film Training.  The film is based on the book of the same name by Anjel Lertxundi who will also offer a talk at the colloquium. 

The Basque events will conclude on December 3rd marking the International Day of the Basque Language (ENE, Euskararen Nazioarteko Eguna) in Mexico City.  The delegation will participate in the festivities at Mexico City’s Basque club organized with support from the Office of Euskadi there.  Attending will be club members along with Basque language students from the university.  Entertainment will be provided by the Ugarte Anaiak on the txalaparta and the Paya bertsolaris.


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