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Basques writers Jon Arretxe and Fernando Morillo will participate at the 2011 Frankfurt book fair


Writer Jon Arretxe (photo
Writer Jon Arretxe (photo


This year’s International Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany begins today, and as every year, the Basque book publishing industry will represent at a stand organized by the Basque Government and the Etxepare Basque Institute. The Association of Basque Language Editors and Euskadi’s Publishers Guild will also be present aiming to increase the presence of Basque books in international markets. In addition, writers Jon Arretxe and Fernando Morillo will also be present tomorrow and the next day. Day after tomorrow both will speak about the current situation of Basque literature with Mari Jose Olaziregi, director of the Promotion and Diffusion of Basque at the Etxepare Basque Institute.

Donostia-San Sebastian.  The Basque publishing sector will claim its place at this year’s International Book Fair in Frankfurt Germany until next Sunday.  Specifically they will be at stand 5.1D 922; the regular Basque stand number that is coordinated by the Association of Basque Language Editors, the Publishers Guild of Euskadi, with the cooperation of the Basque Government and that of the Etxepare Basque Institute.  It is there that Basque publishers will present their latest works, and will conduct meetings aimed at promoting the translation of Basque works and publications in international markets.

During the fair there will be two acts to promote Basque literature.  The first will take place on Thursday from 10:30-11:30 in the Dialog Forum (5.1A962). The translator Idoia Noble will present this session and will concentrate on the works written by Jon Arretxe and Fernando Morillo.  The talk is entitled, “Literary Adventures in the worlds of the Basque Language.”

The second will take place on Friday at 16:00-17:00 in the Weltempfang room (Halle 5.0 Salon). Writers Jon Arretxe and Fernando Morillo will talk about the current situation of Basque Literature and translation into German along with Dr. Mari Jose Olaziregi, Basque literature expert and director of Basque language Promotion at the Etxepare Institute.

Dr. Mari Jose Olaziregi will also meet with various literary agents, aiming to promote translation, into other languages, of books originally published in Basque.  Olaziregi conducted similar meetings last week at the Liber Feria in Madrid, where she participated in a round table with U.S. distributors.  On that occasion the Director from the Etxepare Institute presented a program of assistantships that the institute supports in various U.S. universities, which tend to serve as gateways for Basque authors and works, to publishers such as Baker & Taylor, BookMasters, Chulainn and Lectorum.


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