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Bordeaux’s Basque club presents “Aita eta Ama Maiteak”, a show about emigration to Argentina


From left to right musicians, Jean Christian Galtxetaburu, Cecile Tison and Mixel Etxekopar
From left to right musicians, Jean Christian Galtxetaburu, Cecile Tison and Mixel Etxekopar


Musicians Mixel Etxekopar, Cecile Tison and Jean Christian Galtxetaburu will be at Bordeaux’s Basque club on November 25 to perform a poetic-musical show called “Aita eta ama Maiteak” (Dear Mom and Dad). The title includes the opening lines of many letters that were sent by Basque emigrants to Argentina. During the concert there will be various readings of these letters, written in the XIX century, while the musicians accompany the narration of the joys and pains of those who emigrated with music and poetry.

Bordeaux, France.  The Eskualdunen Biltzarra Basque club in Bordeaux will host a day focusing on Basque emigration on November 25.  The events will begin at noon with lunch, followed by the show, “Aita eta Ama maiteak.”

Musicians Mixel Etxekopar, Jean Christian Galtxetaburu and Cecile Tison are the creators of the poetic-musical show, “Aita eta Ama maiteak.”  These words, “Dear Mom and Dad,” were used by many Basques on letters that they wrote from Argentina to their families in the Basque Country.  During the show, the musicians will read several of these letters written in the XIX century, that were part of the Euskaldunen Argentina exhibit organized by the Basque Cultural Institute – Euskal Kultur Erakundea.

Mixel Etxekopar from Xiberua and singer from the Landes, Cecile Tison give the show voice, accompanied by the accordion and voice of Jean Christian Galtxetaburu.

The Price of the meal prior to the show is 20 Euros for adults and 10 for children.  The show is free and open to the public.  For more information write an email to Eskual Etxea of Bordeaux.

Aita Ama Maiteak Bordele 2012

[Poster advertising “Aita eta Ama maiteak” in Bordeaux]



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