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News rss is a finalist for Diario Vasco´s best webpage of the year related to euskara

11/19/2012 among the other finalists of the awards among the other finalists of the awards

ADVERTISING is part of a selected group of finalists for a prize given out next week by Diario Vasco, a Gipuzkoan newspaper that gives out annual prizes in various categories to the best webpages in the region. Their objective is to "promote internet media" and "recognize the quality of work and effort of those who create using this medium." This will the seventh year of awarding these prizes and is one of the three web finalists competing for the award that recognizes the best use and promotion of the Basque language.

Donostia-San Sebastián. "It is certainly a pleasant surprise that they called us to announce that our webpage had been nominated by the people, and that we had passed the second phase and were finalists for the prize," explained Joseba Etxarri, director of, on Sunday. 

"We update the page constantly, sending out a daily bulletin and working as much in Euskara as in Spanish and English, meaning that we spend a lot of time on our work. We live for our work, which is a labor not often recognized. So no doubt that if the aim of the awards is to encourage activism, recognition and to put black on white, in this case the existence and importance of the activism and contribution to the Diaspora and helping different parts of the world to realize the common ground of Basque culture and language, then in that case, the prize is welcome. Why not?" explained Etxarri.

The prizes from are sponsored annually in the name of informing Guipuzkoa and this year´s prize will be the 7th annual. There are different categories, with one winner chosen out of a pool of three finalists. The objective of the prizes is to "promote internet media" and "recognize the quality of work and effort of those who create using this medium." This year´s process began on October 24th, with the public nominating candidates. From those, three finalists were chosen in each category. A panel "comprised of professionals of diverse areas related to Internet sectors" will choose a winner on November 22nd.

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