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Bertsolaritza workshop in Polish highlighted at the Basque Days in Poznan


Bertsolaris in Poznan giving a one of a kind performance (photo  Alicja Zasadowska)
Bertsolaris in Poznan giving a one of a kind performance (photo Alicja Zasadowska)


The festival Dni Baskijskie, or Basque Days in Poznan, took Basque culture to the streets of this Polish city last week from April 23-25. These cultural days were organized by the Basque language and culture lecturer at the Adam Mickiewicz University, supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute, with great involvement from students, as always. The lecturer Amaia Dones Mendia highlighted that among the activities was a bertsolaritza workshop in Polis that was supported by various cultural centers in the city.

Poznan, Poland.  The Basque language and culture lecturer in Poznan celebrated a new edition of Dni Bskijkie last week with a wide range of activities: lectures, dance workshops, food tastings, and a contest and exhibition of pictures, cinema, theater, stories…Activities were very well received and brought together a large audience.

The lecturer also had the support of various cultural centers and associations locally that helped open the festival up to the city.  “This year, it is worth mentioning the sessions of short films Kimuak, in the cine Malta and all the events celebrated at the Meskalina room: the exhibit, student talks, the concert…” said Amaia Dones.

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2013 1

[Students and various experts gave talks on Basque culture (photo ADones)]

One of the most striking events was, without a doubt, the bertsolaritza workshop in Polish, organized in collaboration with the LuxSfera Foundation.  “Besides teaching about Bertsolaritza, in the workshop students were shown how to use their creativity in Polish, and the result was magnificent.  The bertsos were interspersed with Basque tales and the atmosphere created was magical,” Dones said.

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2013 2

[Not only were the public, but the 'bertsolaris' were also amazed listening to each other sing bertsos in Polish (photo ADones)

Another prominent event was the Basque dance workshop, directed by the Bal Folk Poznan Dance group, that got Polish people to dance the Fandango and Arin-Arin.

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2013 3

[Basque dance workshop by the Bal Folk Dance group (photo Alicja Zasadowska)]

Poznan Euskal Egunak 2013 4

[Singing Txoria Txori with lyrics in Basque and Polish in the giant screen (photo ADones)]

To finish off the week, there was a wine and pintxo tasting in the Pika Pika tavern and since there were no invitees from the Basque Country this year, three students, Weronika Nowak, Andrzej Barcz and Przemek Urbaniak, jumped up on stage and gave a Basque concert.

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