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The Basque Lectureship at Poznan brings Basque culture to the streets with the Dni Baskijskie Basque Days


Harkaitz Cano at a poetry reading at last year's event in Poland (photo Anna Olejnicza)
Harkaitz Cano at a poetry reading at last year's event in Poland (photo Anna Olejnicza)


For another year the Basque Days in Poznan, or "Dni Baskijskie” in Polish, have arrived. The events, organized by the Basque lecturer supported by the Etxepare Basque Institute at the University, Adam Mickiewicz, “try to bring the culture out of the university and display it in the streets of the city,” as explained to by lecturer Amaia Donés. This year, Basque Days will take place from April 23-25 with a program that includes Basque dance, bertsolaritza, film and music. In addition, the organizers have also put together a contest on their Facebook page. If you know Polish we encourage you to participate!

Poznan, Poland.  Basque Days in Poznan are right around the corner: they will take place on April 23-25, and will once again highlight the Basque lectureship at the University, Adam Mickiewicz, bringing Basque culture to the streets.

Amaia Donés, Basque lecturer at the University, explained to what the main activities planned are.  For starters, the local dance group, Bal Folk Poznan will provide a Basque dance workshop.  There will also be a workshop on bertsolaritza, in collaboration with the LuxSfera Foundation.  “They have been working a lot, since February, and sing bertsos in Polish at the Euskal Jaia,” Donés explains.  During the performance, bertsos are interspersed with the telling of Basque stories.

Film, food and debates

Film will also be featured during the Dni Baskijskie, with a screening of a selection of shorts from the Kimuak program at the Malta Zinema.  There will also be a Basque food tasting at the “Pika Pika” tavern with cider, patxaran, txakolina and wine from the Rioja-Alavesa.

Finally, at the cultural center and Meskalina tavern, a series of debates on issues related to Basque culture and its reality today will take place.  The closing of the event will be celebrated at the latter with a concert by DJs that will program Basque music. 

Poznan Dni Baskijskie - Euskal Egunak  2013

[Poster for 2013 Basque Days in Poznan, in Polish.  Creator is Antonina Babczyszyn]

An online contest

Besides all these activities, the organization has also created an online contest, through its Facebook page.  “We organized it in collaboration with the Supermemo publishing house.  Next week, we will put a question on our fan page, having to do with Euskal Herria.  Everyone who correctly responds will win a language course from Supermemo,” Amaia explained.


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