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They helped shape Basque communities in the West and even though they passed this year they are remembered


Fred Eiguren, Isabel Jausoro & Mike Olano
Fred Eiguren, Isabel Jausoro & Mike Olano


The Boise Omenaldia Mass, first celebrated in 1996, was started as a way to honor the lives of Basque who have gone before us. From that first mass, it has become a way for an entire community to pray together for those who have died. This year 50 people were remembered with a mass at Sacred Heart Church in Boise. White candles adorned with red and green ribbon were given to family members to light in honor of the deceased, and as always, three female dancers performed San Juan.
One of those being remembered this year is my aitxitxa, Fred Eiguren. He was 90 years old when he passed away, after a valiant fight against bone cancer. He was a first generation Basque American whose family moved to Jordan Valley Oregon from Lekeitio, Bizkaia. Aitxitxa was proud of his Basque heritage, and counted among the many who made an impact on the cultural stronghold we have today.

The hardest part of attending the service is seeing the sad faces of the loved ones left behind, as well as knowing that a different group of Basque people will be remembered next year. The best part though, is walking out with people who love you, and knowing that they have a place in their hearts for the people who have filled yours.

This is a list of the people honored at the 2007 Omenaldia Mass:

Eleuteria Jayo Aizpitarte
Gracie Amestoy
Jack S. Anacabe
Lucia Arriaga
Joe Astorquia
Eileen Asumendi
Ignacio Azumendi
Lilly G. Basauri
Thomas Beitia
Eva Bengoechea
Jess Bermeosolo
Felix Bilbao
Frances Bicandi Bilbao
Mary Onaindia Bilbao
Julie Zatica Yzaguirre
William Iglesias
Isabel Larrondo Jausoro
Elisa Berrojaechevarria Jayo
Tomasa Goicoechea Lang
Helen Larrinaga
Lillian Lequerica
Ines Garmendia Murphy
Sally Ochs
Juan Carlos Olabarriaga
Mike Olano
Marian Harriett Oneida
Richard “Dick” Oneida
Itzar Papapietro
Grace Sabala
Marjorie Saizar
Cecil Sarriugarte
Carol Ann Shelley
Louise Ocamica Sumpter
Carmen Tabuada
Shaill Uehling
Jaime “Jim” Antone Uranga
Pedro Uriarte
Eusebia Uribe
Marie Louisa Urquidi
Father Simeon Van de Voord
Patricia May Yribar
Ysidro Yribar

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Mike Olano hil da Winnemucca, Nevada, AEBetan
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