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The show “Zortzi” will bring Basque carnivals to Quebec, with the participation of the Euskaldunak Basque club


"Zortzi" show poster
"Zortzi" show poster


Christophe Pavia from Hendaia and Adelaide Daraspe from Urruña are the creators of “Zortzi” a show that incorporates Basque carnivals with Pavia’s art that will debut in Montreal (Quebec) on March 7. The city of the presentation was chosen since the Quebec Basque club, Euskaldunak, also participates in the show as Daraspe is its president. The presentation-parade will take place at the Rialto, one of the main theaters in the city. After the show, Daraspe will give a talk on Basque carnival customs.

Hendaia, Lapurdi.  Local Hendaian artist, Christophe Pavia has converted his hairstyles into a kind of performance art that has been part of several European festivals. He creates styles on the spot, sometimes for people who are chosen at random off the street, and radically changes their appearance, giving them a “new head,” he explains.

Last year Pavia started to collaborate with Adelaide Daraspe, originally from from Urruña-Urrugne, and an expert on Carnivals who commented that his pointed hairstyles resemble the hats worn by the joaldunak (characters in the Basque carnival).  Both decided to delve deeper into this and the result of their collaboration is “Zortzi:” four hairstyles and eight hats, one for each of the Basque Provinces, including the Diaspora.

The hats also represent various joaldunak groups in Iparralde and Hegoalde (Donapaleu, Hazparne, Txantrea…). The eighth hat was created by Bernadette Leizagoien, a member of the Kilimon group from Donapaleu (Behe Nafarroa) and based on the hat of this particular group of joaldunak.

A joaldun in Quebec

In the show, to be presented for the first time in Quebec, eight hats and four of Pavia’s creations worn by members of the Euskaldunak will be shown.  Quebec Basque Club members will participate.  Manolo Alcayaga, joaldun from Hendaia, will also participate with them, traveling to Quebec solely to join the premiere.  The show will be complete with audiovisual material on Carnivals in the Basque Country followed by a talk on the theme by Adelaide Daraspe herself.

The show is also supported byt the Basque Cultural Institute of Iparralde, Euskal Kultur Erakundea.

The premiere will take place at the Rialto, one of the main theaters of Montreal.  For more information on “Zortzi” (and tickets), here.

Christophe Pavia’s website: here.



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