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Quebec’s Euskaldunak Basque club will star in a program on Canada’s most popular radio station


Quebec's Euskaldunak's Carnival event poster
Quebec's Euskaldunak's Carnival event poster


Quebec’s Basque association, Euskaldunak, has begun the year strong and this weekend will receive boost in its efforts to disseminate the Basque culture in Canada. On Sunday the club will be the focus of “Babylone Café,” a program on Canadian radio, the station with the most listeners in North America. Club president, Adelaide Daraspe, will be interviewed and will show what it is like in one of her Basque classes. After the live broadcast the hour-long program will also be made available on the internet. In addition, the association has prepared a series of activities looking towards Carnival, with a workshop on traditional Basque costumes and a talk on “Inauteriak” in the Basque Country.


Montreal, Quebec.  Members of Quebec’s Euskaldunak Basque club will spend this Sunday glued to the radio, since they will be the focus of a program whose station is the most popular in the country, Radio Canada.  Euskaldunak will have a spot on the program called “Babylone Café,” that focuses each week on the culture of a different country.  This week’s star will be the Basque Country and the program’s journalists have gone in search of information from their Basque-Quebecois countrymen.

“This is really a positive thing for the Basque club, because appearing on such a well-known program is great publicity for us,” the club president confessed to “We hope that this will help us attract more people to the club and our activities.”

The program will include a fifteen minute interview with Daraspe in which she will talk about the club, as well as the Basque Country in general.  In addition, a recorded report by a journalist who attended a Basque class last week will be aired.  The program is aired from 14:00 to 15:00.  After the broadcast it can be found on the internet here.

And then Carnival

Euskaldunak has also announced that on February 10th they will have special activities at the clubhouse related to Carnival.  From 17:00-18:00 there will be a workshop on crafts where Basque costumes will be made.  The workshop is open to the public and anyone is welcome to participate (sign-up is required).

Following, at 19:00, president Adelaide Daraspe will give a talk on "Le Carnaval au Pays Basque/Ihauteriak Euskal Herrian."

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