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Euskaldunak of Quebec has expanded its board of directors to include four individuals to drive projects


Quebec's flag with the Ikurrina at Euskaldunak of Quebec's Aberri Eguna festivities (photo QuebecEE)
Quebec's flag with the Ikurrina at Euskaldunak of Quebec's Aberri Eguna festivities (photo QuebecEE)


Euskaldunak of Quebec Basque club is changing with the times and in response to the increased number of activities that it has experienced in recent years, has decided to expand its board of directors. The decision was approved on April 22 at the General Assembly which was held taking advantage of the high attendance at the Aberri Eguna festivities in Montreal. Members decided to add four more directors to the board whose goal it will be to help to organize and design new activities.

Montreal, Quebec.  On April 22 the Euskaldunak Quebec Basque club celebrated Aberri Eguna and as usual, members of all ages gathered to enjoy the festivities that took place at the club’s locale.  The event began with a Basque dance performance and continued with a wonderful meal for all. 

Before the party, the members of Euskaldunak held a General Assembly where the board of directors presented an overview of the past year that included a report on events held as well those to come.  “In addition, we finally amended the club’s by-laws, something that we’ve wanted to do for some time, to adapt to our current situation.  So, the board of directors remains the same but has been expanded to include four more individuals,” Adelaide Daraspe, club president, explained to

The role of these four will be to support the realization of projects and thanks to their contribution the club hopes to tackle new challenges.  In this way, the board of directors of Euskaldunak Quebec will now be comprised of ten people: president, two vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer and five directors.

-President: Adélaïde Daraspe
-First Vice-President: Jean Goyheneche
-Second Vice-president: Ernest Behaxeteguy
-Secretary: Monique Behaxeteguy
-Treasurer: Ludovic Niepce

Sylvie Nadaud
Denis Duhalde
Noel Fagoaga
Olivier Hirigoyen
Jean Lafourcade


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