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The Macachin Basque Club gifted personalized Basques to its dantzaris; Will these be the star souvenir at SNV 2021?


Basque masks for dantzaris in Macachin
Basque masks for dantzaris in Macachin


Macachin, Argentina. As part of its Dantzari Day festivities at the Euzko Alkartasuna Basque Club in Macachin, they gave their dantzaris masks with Basque motifs: small lauburus in red, green and white with the dance groups name, Gure Ametza (sic).  The festivities took place on practice day of each group txikis, intermediates and adults now that the club is resuming its normal activity.

Tomas Vicente, the club’s spokesperson, told that members of the dance group were surprised and very happy with the present and didn’t waste any time uploading pictures with them on social media. “We immediately began to receive requests for them from people in the community that want similar masks, and so we will make some more to sell, or even include them in raffles that we are organizing for reaching 2000 followers on social media (see raffle information here),” Vicente explained.

A month away from the Semana Vasca that will not be

Even if there were previous celebrations, the first celebration as we know it today of the Semana Nacional Vasca (Basque National Week) was in 1972. Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus, the festival originally scheduled in 2020 for November 16-23rd won’t take place.

Nevertheless, the Macachin Basque Club that was to host SNV 2020, will carry out some virtual activities on these dates, with the participation of dantzaris, Basque students, pilotaris and members of the board of directors.

Still unsure about what will happen in 2021, but optimistic since there is still a year to go, Euzko Alkartasuna will resume organizing SNV in the austral summer (winter in the northern hemisphere). Will the Basque mask be the star souvenir of the Festival? Will that be a condition for us to meet again, so be it, some say.

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