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The Advisory Board approved the four-year plan with proposals and objectives until the next World Congress


The Four-Year Plan includes proposals and lines of action until the next World Congress in 2023
The Four-Year Plan includes proposals and lines of action until the next World Congress in 2023


Vitoria-Gasteiz. The document entitled, “Four-Year Institutional Action Plan (2020-2023)” is comprised of the proposals and measures debated and approved at the World Congress of Basque Communities to guide the action in the Diaspora for the next four years, until the next Congress.  After its passage and approval by the Advisory Board, it now commits the Basque Government and Basque institutions, on the one hand, and the Euskal Etxeak and federations, on the other.

This document was unanimously approved last Friday, February 7th at the Advisory Board meeting chaired by the Lehendakari, with the participation  of the three representatives of the Euskal Etxeak elected at the World Congress, namely Arantxa Anitua (Argentina), Unai Lauzirika (Germany) and Jean Flesher (USA), among others.  The document, provided by Basque Government’s Directorate of the Basque Community Abroad follows:


Objective 1. New paradigm: from implementing to facilitating

1.1. Updating the legislation referring to the Basque communities abroad.
1.2. Updating the official registry of Euskal Etxeak, based on their activity level.  Review the condition s required to recognize new Euskal Etxeak and deregistration.
1.3. Definition and diagnosis of the new migratory movements facilitating services and information.
1.4. Promotion of a network of Basques around the world allowing interaction and information exchange through new technologies.

2. “Diasporize:” promote knowledge of the Basque Diasporic reality

2.1. Promotion of International Day of the Basque Diaspora.
2.2. Collection and conservation of intangible heritage, and promotion of the conservation and updating of the material heritage of Basque communities abroad.
2.3. Consolidation of the Basque Diaspora archive within the Historical Archive of Euskadi. 
2.4. Dissemination of the educational system of the migrant experience of the Basque people.  
2.5. Participation in international institutional networks of working in the field of emigration (AEMI 2021 in Euskadi). 
2.6. Promotion of informative activities aimed at the general public to provide knowledge of the Basque Diaspora: exhibitions, book presentations, conferences, seminars…
2.7. Proposal for the creation of postgraduate studies on migration. 
2.8. Providing scholarships in the area of Basque Diaspora specialization within the of the General Secretary of Foreign Action.

2.9. Creation of a Basque Migration Library. Page 4 of Objective 5 

3. Strengthen the Basque community abroad through the network of Euskal Etxeak

3.1. Development of a subsidy program for Basque clubs encouraging activity, simplifying processes and speeding up processing.  To the extent that economic resources allow, it is proposed to increase the amount allocate to infrastructure.
3.2. Promotion of the “Gaztemundu” program that will rotate among the disciplines of traditional Basque music, Basque dance, gastronomy and cultural management, influencing the latter in all cases.  The review the evaluation criteria in the selection of participants is proposed, in line with the debate at the World Congress.  To the extent that resources allow, expanding the program to promote a greater relationship between the participating and the youth in Euskadi.
3.3. Holding inter-congressional regional meetings for the program monitoring and sharing of good practices: • 2021, Central and South America • 2022, Europe, Asia and Oceania • 2022, North America
3.4. Continuing the “Euskara Munduan” program making it easier for foreign teachers to finish their training in “barnetegiak” in Euskadi.
3.5. Creation of a new training program for Basque club dance groups, “Dantza Munduan.”
3.6. Recognition of Mus as part of the Basque intangible heritage.
3.7. Organization for the dissemination and promotion of Basque gender policies in the Basque community abroad,

4. Serving the people who make up the Basque community abroad

4.1. Updating the program of socio-sanitary aid adapting the decree to the new realities and needs.
4.2. Advising and paying attention to people in the Basque community who wish to return to Euskadi.

5. Mobility and communication

5.1. Development of the website as a display of the reality of various Basque communities abroad with current updated information.
5.2. Improve bilateral communication between Euskadi and the Basque communities abroad.
5.3. Support the role of the Basque clubs as welcoming platforms for Basque students in mobility programs.
5.4. Promotion of the Euskadi-Basque Country Brand in the area of the Basque community abroad.

-Document in Spanish (pdf)

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