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Oinkari Basque dancers continue their fundraising efforts for their Basque Country trip with a 24-hr Dance-a-thon


Oinkari ad for the Dance-A-Thon and Concert
Oinkari ad for the Dance-A-Thon and Concert


In July of 2011, Boise Basque dancing group, The Oinkaris, will be traveling to the Basque Country for two weeks. Such trips are crucial for maintaining the authenticity of the group’s repertoire, as well as forming and maintaining connections with native Basque dance groups. The Oinkaris will take this opportunity not only to learn from native Basque dancing groups, but they will also showcase what they have to offer in their unique place as American-Basques traveling back to the homeland.

Boise, USA. In preparation for their summer trip to the Basque Country, the Oinkaris embarked last January on a 6-month fundraising campaign, to help members of the group pay for the tour expenses. Since then, they have put on fundraising events such as a Sagardotegi or 'Cider House Night' at the Boise Basque Center last March 26; seeking sponsors such as Kathy Wraspir’s Local Multicultural Marketing Fund from State Farm; and canvassing local and regional businesses for tax-deductible auction items and prizes.  Next in this series of events will be the 24-hour Dance-A-Thon, and the Oinkari Applebee’s Breakfasts.

On Friday, May 6th, at midnight, the Oinkaris will kick off the Dance-A-Thon, which will go until midnight on Saturday. At around 10:00 PM on Saturday, May 7, the Boise Music group Amuma Says No will come in and play for the last two hours. The event will be available for viewing at, for anybody that would like to follow online.

The public is also invited to the Applebee’s Breakfasts on May 14 and May 21, which will take place at the Applebee’s restaurant by the Towne Square Shopping Center, about 5 miles (3 kilometers) from downtown Boise. Oinkari dancers, dressed in typical Basque dancing costumes, will be your servers, hosts and table bussers. The price is $7 for adults and $4 for kids, which entitles you to all-you-can-eat pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, etc. from 7 to 10 am.

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