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Year of the Oinkari July 2009-2010 to celebrate Boise's Dance Group's 50th Anniversary (1960-2010)


Oinkari female dancers performing at Boise's Basque Block (photo
Oinkari female dancers performing at Boise's Basque Block (photo


The Oinkari Basque Dancers were formed in 1960 by a group of young Basque-Americans who were eager to preserve their heritage in the United States. On the occasion of the group’s 50th anniversary a call has been made to all current and former members to participate in the organization and celebration of the “Year of the Oinkari” which will take place from July 2009 to July 2010.

Boise, Idaho, USA. The year was 1960, when a group of young Basque-Americans eager to “preserve and perform the unique dances of their ancient heritage,” traveled to the Basque Country and was befriended by a dance group in Donostia.  Encouraged by their counterparts in the Basque Country the group came home and formed the Oinkari Basque Dancers.

Since then the mission of this group has been, “to share their culture with their local and global community while continuing to preserve their unique heritage for future generations.”

Through July 2010

In celebration of the group’s 50th anniversary the “Year of the Oinkari” will be celebrated from July 2009 to July 2010. The anniversary celebration will begin, corresponding roughly with Boise’s Basque community’s annual San Inazio festival, and will last through July 2010.

In an effort to include as many current and former members as possible, people are being urged to register in person at various events in Boise, as well as on-line on the group’s website

Individuals are also encouraged to share photos and stories of their experiences while in the group.  The next event planning meeting has been scheduled for January 22nd at the Basque Center. For more information go to:


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