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Now you can vote to the Oberenak Basque Club, nominated for the Battle Mountain 2021 Roots Leadership award


Battle Mountain’s Library and Chamber of Commerce
Battle Mountain’s Library and Chamber of Commerce


Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA. The Chamber of Commerce in Battle Mountain, Nevada has nominated the local euskal etxea, Oberenak Basque Club, for the 2021 Roots Leadership award.  Winners will be announced on April 16th at a dinner and ceremony organized by the Chamber of Commerce. But now you can support the Oberenak Basque Club and vote for them, just clicking here. Mila esker aldez aurretik, thanks in advance for your help!

The Oberenak Basque Club carries out commendable work focused on future generations to conserve and actively maintain the Basque culture and historical heritage in this Northern Nevada town.  It has a dance group for children and youth, and its volunteer members carry out solidarity activities for the common good.  It annually organizes a traditional Basque festival and throughout the year other initiatives to the delight of its neighbors, Mus as well as other activities, as one of the forty-two Basque clubs in the United States that comprise NABO.

In regards to the pandemic, COVID-19 had affected its rhythm “but after a year in a kind of limbo, like all associations,” this month its dance groups have resumed practice, “we are also getting ready for our Summer Festival in August, Shirley Satica Sheperd told

Board of Directors

-President: Megan Lenz Hernandez
-Vice-president: Maite Narvaiza Kovis
-Secretary/Treasurer: Shirley Satica Shepherd
-NABO delegate: Johna Reeves

-Battle Mountain Oberenak Basque Club

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