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Basque cinema will have its biggest presence ever at the 69th Berlinale (Cineuropa-n)


The region's representatives will support two works screening in the festival's official selection and five market screenings


For the fourth time, the European Film Market, which is being held from 7 to 15 February during the 69th Berlinale, will be hosting a large number of Basque companies which, under the brand name Basque Audiovisual, will have their own space at the ICEX stand in the Martin Gropius Bau thanks to Zineuskadi's collaboration with the Etxepare Institute and Eiken Cluster.

In this space, within the Cinema from Spain area, Basque Audiovisual will be giving out a catalogue with 50 film projects, of which 22 are in development, 11 are in the production phase and 17 were completed and/or released in 2018. In total, this publication covers the work of 31 Basque production companies: Abraprod, Adabaki Komunikazioa, Amania Films, Area Audiovisual, Arena Comunicación, Arquetipo Comunicación, Basque Films, Blogmedia, Dibulitoon Studio, Doxa Producciones, Dynamite Films, Emana Films, En Buen Sitio Producciones, Fase 3, Gariza Films, Gastibeltza, Ikusgarri Films, Irusoin, Izar Films, Kinoskopik, Lago&Laporta, Limbus Filmak, Lotura, Lumiere Produkzioak, Maluta Films, Marmoka Films, Pimpi&Nella, Salto de Eje, Sr&Sra Producciones, Taui Media and Txintxua Films.

This year, two Basque productions will be participating in different sections of the Festival: the short film La leyenda dorada (The Golden Legend), directed by Ion de Sosa and Chema García Ibarra (Apellaniz&De Sosa) has been selected in Berlinale Shorts, and the documentary Y en cada lenteja un dios (A God in each Lentil) directed by Miguel Ángel Jiménez (Kinoskopik Film Produktion), which will be competing in Culinary Cinema and was entered in the section with the same name at last year’s San Sebastian Film Festival. Miguel Ángel Jiménez’s film explores the work-life balance. Kiko Moya and his family are the second generation to manage the restaurant "L'Escaleta" which is in Cocentaina, Alicante, and is one of the 25 best restaurants in Spain and Portugal, with two Michelin stars. After the screening, Kiko Moya will cook a meal that is inspired by the film, which he will serve at the Gropius Mirror Restaurant.

Another of the most remarkable aspects of this year is that there will be five Basque films scheduled to be shown at the Market Screenings for international buyers and programmers. The films will be as follows: El hijo del acordeonista (The Accordionist's Son) by Fernando Bernués, Basque Selfieby Joaquín Calderón, 70 Binladens by Koldo Serra,  Elcano & Magellan by Ángel Alonso and A March to Remember [+] by Víctor Cabaco.

Zineuskadi will be working to strengthen its ties with European film institutes, international funds, film commissions, sales agents, programmers and players from the international film festival industry, with the aim of continuing to promote the Basque audiovisual industry and its talent on the international film scene. We will also be present at major events such as the European Film Forum, whose central theme will be “Subtitling and Dubbing: using technology to help European films travel”.

In this vein, a networking cocktail party is being held on Sunday 10 February at 18:30 (by invitation only) at the Hotel Gat Point Charlie in Berlin. The guests will include various players from the Basque audiovisual sector and buyers, sales agents and programmers from other festivals.

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