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Youth participating in NABO Udaleku 2019 offered a remarkable demonstration of what they learned in two weeks


Rehearsal at the San Francisco Basque Club preparing for the Udaleku final performance (photo
Rehearsal at the San Francisco Basque Club preparing for the Udaleku final performance (photo


South San Francisco, California. A remarkable cultural show, demonstrating to family members and friends present what was learned over the two short weeks of Udaleku at its final performance on Friday.  Udaleku, the Basque cultural summer camp organized by NABO annually is aimed at children between the ages of 10 and 15.  The Kantxa and the main hall at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center provided the spaces that evening where children, divided in different groups, performed diverse aspects of traditional Basque culture that they worked on this year, with Iparralde being the focus.

Campers from various cities and Basque clubs all over the states were very satisfied with what they learned over the two weeks, June 16-28th, proving that it is possible to progress in subjects like pilota, eskuz, joko garbi and pala, singing, dance, txistu, klika, theater, as well as Euskera that is also an important part of the program on a daily basis.

The final performance was also attended by NABO President, Phillippe Acheritogaray, and President of the hosting club, the Basque Cultural Center, Jean-Pierre Caballete.  In their words, as both addressed the audience, they mentioned the huge effort that this activity requires and thanked the youth as well as their instructors, parents, aides and volunteers that dedicate themselves to assure the wonderful result that was the final performance.

Videos that prove what Udaleku is!

Dance demonstration in the Kantxa at the San Francisco Basque Cultural Center (image Mercedes Mendive)

Song demonstration, coordinated by Mikael Goicoechea (image Xabier Berrueta)

(Video summary of NABO’s Udaleku 2019 final performance (image Mercedes Mendive)

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