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Basque Zombies, Mummies and Vampires in the Class Z Trilogy by directors Iturrioz and Padin this Saturday in Buenos Aires


Class Z Cinema at Euskaltzaleak
Class Z Cinema at Euskaltzaleak


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maintaining the innovative style when its time to propose activities, Euskaltzaleak in Buenos Aires will now be the site of the continental debut of three films that comprise the a saga produced by Katihotsak.  Directed by Beñat Iturrioz and Xabier Padin, the trilogy begins with Ataun Of The Dead (2012), a film that relates the arrival of the first non-nationalist president to the Basque Country and the attempt by two Carlist scientists to resurrect Zumalakarregi in Ataun.  The saga continues with Joxean´s Hil Eben (2014) (Joxean Died) in which members of the Vampire Nationalist Party worried about the appearance of the Carlists, decide to resurrect Lehendakari Agirre; and closing with Napardeath (2019), where “Zumalakarregi the zombie goes to Iruñea to proclaim himself king of the Basques."

The directors have graciously granted permission to Euskaltzaleak to show the films and celebrate the American continent debut of Napardeath at the Buenos Aires Euskaltegi describing the trilogy as a humorous work.  “We are fed up with aliens always landing in Central Park.  That is why we decided that we are going to be ourselves and adapt stories to our reality, mixing Basque imaginary with historical figures.  Al this, of course, set in a humorous atmosphere from which it is hard to leave (...) and in Euskera, our language, as we want to imagine ourselves.”

The triology will be shown at Euskaltzaleak as part of the San Fermin celebration this Saturday, July 6th beginning at 6pm.  The films last between 20 and 40 minutes.  Admission is free and open to the public.  There will be krispetak (potxoko or popcorn).

Euskaltzaleak on Facebook, idiomavasco.

Napardeath Trailer (2019):

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