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The San Juan bonfires illuminated the “most magical night,” of the year at Basque clubs in Argentina and Uruguay


San Juan and witch giants at the Beti Aurrera Basque Club in Chivilcoy
San Juan and witch giants at the Beti Aurrera Basque Club in Chivilcoy


Buenos Aires, Argentina. Maybe because of the festive atmosphere at the Basque clubs, or because of the attraction of the fire, but it is certain that San Juan is especially enjoyed at some clubs in the Diaspora.  In the southern hemisphere, there is another attraction as it is being so cold at night so being close to the fire, and drinking hot chocolate is a really good idea.

Following are a couple of videos and a photo gallery to illustrate some of these celebrations organized by Basque clubs in countries like Argentina and Uruguay.

[The Itxaropen Basque Club in Saladillo, bonfire, music, wishes and witches hats (videoEE)]

[At the Denak Bat Basque Club in Cañuelas they had rain and so changed their plans a bit.  The initial idea was to light the bonfire in the Salud Park, but in stead they did so in front of the clubhouse.  There was dancing and music and when the flames started going out, the dance continued inside.  Students from the Estrada Public School also participated (videoEE)}

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